Black Felt Letter Boards with Wooden Frames Trending in the Market


Black Felt Letter Boards are home decor pieces that have been commonly used to display messages for others to enjoy or to create Instagram-worthy photos. Continue reading


Dorval, QC, Dec 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Stone's Goods has relaunched its own Black Felt Letter Boards that are available in the market. According to Sean Stone, the founder of the company, “Our Black Felt Letter Boards are made from the highest quality materials, including an oak frame, and are professionally designed to include those little details that everyone cares about. We include an easel-style tripod, as well as a hook on the back for hanging so that you can always display this beautiful product in your home with ease. ”

Some common display locations include living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and even schools. They are the most popular among people under the age of 30, but this product has a diverse group of people interested.

These black felt letter boards not only make for great photo opportunities but have been used for other things as well, such as teaching children to spell. While these are not typically available in schools across America, they can often be a helpful tool for at-home learning, to assist children who have a hard time learning how to spell. A recent Stone's Goods customer has been quoted as saying, "Got this for my younger sister who struggles with spelling so that she can visualize the words she has been having issues with. So far, she seems to love it and also has fun writing/leaving notes to our brother! I noticed some people mentioned in the reviews that they had trouble cutting the letters, but my sister said it was really easy, which was a really nice surprise!"

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