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    Black Flame Launches New Product With An Unheard Of Buy One Get One FREE Sale.

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    Black Flame is offering a special buy one get one free deal to their customers who purchase their custom paracord. Buyers who purchase will receive two Fire Starters for free.

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    Starting October 7th and until supplies last, when customers buy one D.A.M.N. (Disaster Avoidance Multi-purpose Nylon) paracord they will get a two-pack of magnesium fire starters for free. Customers will need the coupon code found on each product’s Amazon product page, and should have both items in their Amazon shopping cart during checkout, they will then be able to add the coupon code to get the 2 Pack Of  Survival Fire Starters for Free.

    This 550 rated Paracord has been extensively enhanced by Black Flames model, the D.A.M.N. paracord which is 100ft long and features an added interior 10lb Monofilament fishing line that can be stripped out and used in emergency situations. This paracord has many uses as Nichole stated, “So many uses for this paracord such as hiking, backpacking, camping, crafting, hunting, survival situations and more.”

    The Black Flame Fire Starters are a reliable fire-starting, pocket sized tool that is both waterproof and weatherproof for long lasting durability. The Fire Starter comes with a solid compact magnesium bar that can be used hundreds of times or until the magnesium runs out. To use this product, the buyer simply shaves some magnesium into a pile and easily spark the shavings with the alternate lead bar encased by the magnesium bar. The shavings will then spark into a flame so camping enthusiasts and survivalists alike can ignite larger pieces of wood.

    This product can even light tinder that is not dry as Amazon Customer; Jim stated “Been using this firestrarter while mountain climbing/backpacking for years and have never had one bit of trouble in getting a fire started. This product is preferred over matches or a lighter. It will last longer and can light tinder that isn't completely dry.”

    Black Flame offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of their buyers and free shipping on products over $49. To purchase this paracord and receive the two free Fire Starters buyers can go to their Amazon.com page and the coupon is found in the ‘Special Details And Promotion Area’ of the products detail page.

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