Creating Your Ultimate Press Release Headline

First impressions matter!

A kick ass headline will attract journalists and customers to YOUR press release, where they will then click to YOUR website. It’s the first thing people see in big, bold letters…so if it sucks, they won’t click to watch or read your press release.

Headlines determine how people will view a press release, and more interestingly, a headline changes the way people view a press release and the way they remember it. It frames out what the viewer is expected to receive.

What we see, hear, feel and experience in our first encounter with something frames how we process the rest of the information. Press releases are NO exception! By drawing attention to certain details or facts, a headline can influence your mindset.

The how

NOTHING does the job better than a well-written headline to attract more people to your press release. With such pressure to create a PR headline, how do we do this at prREACH to get you the ultimate reach?

The trick is to not waste time trying to write the perfect headline first. Trying to conjure up an eye-catching headline before the release is even written is an almost impossible task.


  • Write the story first.
  • Come up with the headline last.
  • See the story as a whole.
  • Better identify the most newsworthy title.

Is it front-page worthy?

Picture your press release on the front page of a newspaper or the top news search on Google…does the headline immediately grab your attention? If not, it probably needs some work. Write it as if it will be a front-page article!

Choose your voice

Typically, a passive voice takes readers out of the action and makes content less appealing. Alternatively, use an active voice instead to engage your audience. Using an active voice in your writing means the subject of the sentence comes first and performs the action that the rest of the sentence describes.

Why is this important?

Writing in this style will put your viewer doing the verb’s action and form an immediate connection to your press release. This is THE most straightforward way to present your products or services as it creates a clear image in the viewer’s mind of who is doing what.

Which is more likely to grab attention?

A fire was started!


Fire started!


Don’t forget…. keyword research!

A major component in choosing your headline is taking into account keyword research. Optimise the best keywords in the headline – cut out the fluff…eliminate as many non-keywords as possible. As viewers will be searching for your press releases in search engines, utilizing seed keywords, specific words, phrases, and long tail keywords are a must! Keyword tools can give you an idea of what your headline should be:

We at prREACH have the distribution power for your press releases to over 500 medial outlets and potentially be seen by over 100 million viewers. Ensure you have the PR headline to grab the attention your press releases deserve! Send out the appropriate impression with the correct headline.

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