How to Write a Press Release in 2021 | The Ultimate Guide to Effective PRs

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While you have an idea of what happens in your business daily, your loyal customers or prospective clients have no way of getting this information unless you share it with them. That’s where press releases come in. Knowing how to write a press release that gets clicks will return dividends to you in 2021 and beyond.

Benefits of Press Releases for Brands

  • They act as communication channels through brands and organizations to keep the world updated on its daily dealings, recent improvements, important changes, etc.
  • These news pieces, written in news format, allow brands to create and foster relationships with news and media distribution companies and their customers.
  • If the press release is engaging enough, it can get picked up by others such as journalists and influencers who can share or write further about your topic. It can generate social shares, traffic and even boost your SEO.

Want to make your customers feel part and parcel of your brand? Use press releases to deliver your stories as often as needed.

Should Amazon Sellers Use Press Releases? Any Perks?

A press release is defined as a roughly 300-to-500-word newsworthy business announcement that offers the media all needed information to publish a story about the announcement.

Whether brick-and-mortar or online, every business needs to let the world know what it has to offer, so, yes, a press release is as vital in e-commerce business as in other organizations.

Press releases will:

  • Give your brand the much-needed visibility all over the internet and hence, attract more buyers.
  • Compared to other information sources, press releases stay longer and relevant during and after the distribution period. This works to your advantage by allowing more users to engage and bump into your brand long after distributing it.
  • Help your brand’s search engine rankings. Releasing well-crafted press releases consistently over time will lead to a higher search engine position, which leads to more traffic to your product listing on Amazon.

Choosing the Best Press Release Topics for Your Brand

Writing a press release is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Press releases are an essential element of any public relations strategy. They detail product releases, event announcements, or any other newsworthy information about your company.


  • New product line
  • Company anniversary
  • Website redesign
  • Pro bono work done for a newsworthy client
  • Hosting a contest
  • Offering a free product sample

This list is not exhaustive.

Find more topic ideas: 108 Brilliant Ideas for Writing Supereffective Press Releases.

Any newsworthy information in the organization can be converted into a press release. This brings us to how to write a winning press release in 2021.

Tips on Press Release Writing, Formating, Pitching, & Distribution

Correctly formatted press releases will always grab the attention of journalists or distribution companies. Take the following points into consideration:

  • Add an exciting angle to your release.
  • Assess if the content will appeal to your audience.
  • Stay creative.
  • Keep it short.
  • Hit the nail on the head.

With that in mind, below are some tips that will help you put together an eye-catching press release. Essentially, high-performing press releases have the following sections:

The Title

A captivating title crowns any article worth your readers’ attention. The title is an overall overview of the document and lets the reader know if the subject is valuable. Hook-worthy titles feature the following:

  • Well-researched keywords. The keywords are words or statements that customers are most likely to type when looking for specific information. Use keyword tools such as SEMRush, Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner to help you choose the ideal keywords for your brand,
  • Is specific and does not include fluff and non-keywords. Keep it simple but detailed.
  • A unique hook that includes action verbs and the main keyword.
  • Primary keyword is at the beginning of the title or as close as possible. Google cuts off any titles that are more than 80 characters. Keeping the keywords within this range ensures that Google indexes the keywords within the title.

Summarize the Body of the PR, Briefly

Include a summary of what your PR entails. The summary gives room for journalists interested in your company or brand to write about you. The total number of characters for this section should be no more than 250. The body of the PR is condensed here. Remember to include your main keyword as well.

The PR Date

  • Press releases are more or less the same as any other news pieces.
  • Include a date that allows for locational context.
  • Don’t send out your releases at the top of the hour. Instead, send them out during odd hours, such as forty-two minutes past the hour when other news sites are not releasing any content.
  • The publication should also be scheduled throughout the day.
  • Thursdays are the best days to send press releases, with an average 26% open rate.

The Introductory Paragraph

At this point, you want to hook your readers to your PR as much as possible. Here, provide the following:

  • Valuable statistics.
  • Announcements.
  • Figures or facts.

Boldly share these details with your readers making them eager to learn more and keeping them interested. Avoid boring, vague communication that is not useful or does not add any value to the audience. Do away with the fluff and make sure that every detail is essential.

Add Relevant Quotes

Avoid including quotes that are not related to the title or what you plan on achieving with the press release. You can source quotes from the company CEO, its spokesperson, or any other person with authority in the company’s dealings. They are valuable statements that are given to media houses or journalists to affirm the company’s value. When writing the quote:

  • Ensure it relays the mission, vision, and goals of the company.
  • Indicate who said it. You can also write their name as well as their position in the organization.
  • You can also include quotes from other persons, such as customers or other employees. Indicate their labels or titles clearly. Always ask for permission before using someone’s quote.

The Body

Use quotes, backlinks, authoritative data, and other vital pieces of information to build on your initial hook. Avoid fluff. Take time to build on the title by garnering substantial information that is valuable for the reader. Include other variations of the keywords on the title. Don’t overdo it but instead sprinkle them generously throughout the entire body. Make sure wherever a keyword appears, it blends in well and makes sense. Search engines will penalize poorly placed keywords.

Additions to the Body

These are any elements that make your press release easy to read. The reader should be able to quickly skim through the material and get as much information as possible to help them decide. Long, wordy paragraphs are a no-no. Instead, employ:

  • Bullet points
  • Videos
  • Catchy images

This will help your readers and journalists spend the least time possible on your PR but still get enough content to help them know what you are offering.

A Company Statement

At the end of the press release, include a statement about the company. The statement would plainly detail what your company does. Here, you can also link your company’s official website or the company’s storefront on Amazon for e-commerce businesses. Don’t forget to include the business’ contacts, address information, and its official name.

Things to Avoid When Writing a Press Release

  1. Distractive writing styles
  2. Unnecessary information or fluff and filler content.
  3. Subjectivity.
  4. First or second person voice outside quotes.
  5. Personal opinions and hyperbole.
  6. Spammy links or links leading to non-authoritative sites.

Press Release Distribution Tips

  • Add images and videos. Press releases that include an image are 700% more likely to be covered by the media than those without, and a video boosts your story’s chances of coverage by 1,400%.
  • Use distribution platforms that reach your target audience. If the press release is targeted to Instagram users, use Instagram-specific handles.
  • If you don’t know how to write a PR for yourself, work with a press release writing services company.
  • Employ digital tools and platforms to reach out to journalists. If you don’t have e-mail addresses or the journalists’ contact information, reach out to them on LinkedIn. You can also call the company to ask for missing contact information.
  • Check to see if the distributor company offers niche-targeting. Wide distribution of content without targeting the right audiences lowers engagement, and your PR may land in a spam folder somewhere.
  • Pitch right. Explain why the information you are sharing is newsworthy to the journalists during the pitch.
  • Make maximum use of social media. Use paid ads or sponsored posts on social media to reach out to as many people as possible.
  • Cross-promote the press release to gain credibility and allow the information to spread out fast.
  • Work with your team to brainstorm the best topic ideas for your subsequent press releases. Writing it together gives it depth and clarity.

Bonus PR Writing Tips

  • Limit the number of links in your press release to three. Fewer is often better.
  • Eliminate spam by ensuring that the links are at least 100 characters from each other. Spread them throughout the entire body.
  • Add any data that supports your PR. We strongly advise that key figures and statistics would always be placed in the first paragraph of any press release. Customers will want to know how your product performs on the market, and these figures should be spelled out for them.
  • Always keep your press release between 350 and 700 words. Very long pieces will kill your viewers’ interest, while short PRs leave most critical information.
  • Add three hashtags at the end of your press release. This denotes the official end of the document across all distributors.

In Conclusion

Writing a press release brings you closer to achieving your company’s goals and objectives. With the above information, you can easily write, format, and distribute a press release for your company. Press releases hold the future of your company’s public relations as well as its reputation online.

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