Press Release Keyword Research: An Introduction

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What are the basics?

Keyword research is the most important aspect of any press release and SEO campaign. Of all the tools you can use to ensure your content to be seen, keywords researched correctly is your most important tool of all.

Most people do not go beyond the first page on any search engine…so how can you ensure to rank as high as possible on the most popular search engines?

Proper keyword research is fundamental, and it’s crucial to use keywords in your press releases that a large number of people are searching for in online searches, and at the same time used by a relatively low number of competitors. By effectively researching keywords, you can determine popular niches, related markets, and rank high in search engines for your specific topic to drive traffic to your press release to enhance your marketing effectiveness.

Two steps to start you on the right track:

  • Use free and/or paid keyword research tools
    Google’s Keyword Planner is a popular choice, but there is a wide variety of other tools available to you, like Moz’s Keyword Explorer.
    These are a great starting point for keywords. However, many keywords tools are oversaturated, and frequently hide data.
  • Use common sense
    Put yourself in the shoes of your targeted ROI. Think about how, what, where, and why your targeted visitors might use your product or services.

Using broad keywords will put you in a place of competition; the likelihood of ranking high will be extremely difficult. There is also a possibility that you could attract visitors that may not be highly targeted, and in the end, not bring you any business. Using specific phrases can attract a lower search volume…. however, these kinds of searches are, in truth, the kind of leads that you should be attracting – the kind that will convert to paying customers.

Specific phrases

Long tail keywords is best practice

Long tail keywords are three or four keyword phrases which are very specific to what you are selling or offering. When a customer/client uses a highly specific search phrase, they have an exact problem they need solved, or they already know exactly what they need and what they are going to buy. The idea is to target as many relevant long tail keywords as possible in your content that will get you a steady stream of highly targeted visitors to view your press release.

DO NOT forget to identify long tail keywords when doing keyword research!

If your business offers a broad spectrum of products or services, you will need to complete separate keyword research for each category to again specifically target each product or service. However tedious this task may seem, targeting each keyword phrase will ensure higher chances of attracting leads looking for your products or services in every category. (E-commerce websites, we’re looking at you!)

One last tip – geography. If your business is located in a very specific city or area, adding the city or area with your keywords will bring you better and more targeted results.

Keyword research plays an essential role in your press releases to bring in targeted visits that actually bring profitable results. If you need a press release written for you, our team of expert writers will create THE optimized press release to assure you will rank high!

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