Press Release Writing: Best Practices

Press releases have seen many changes over the past few years, evolving from traditional written news, to most recently video press releases and distribution of the news itself over social media. Many might not realize just how powerful press releases can be for helping accelerate their business and effectively growing their brand’s authority and visibility. Writing a press release is still an essential marketing tool for ensuring the media and public know about your latest news.

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5 Press Release Best Practices

Every marketer should know how to best effectively write a press release. Journalists, bloggers and influencers are busy, and with the never-ending supply of products, services and content online, they will only respond to the best pitches they receive. Make sure you are writing a press release that gets noticed with some of these fundamental practices.


Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action needs an action word prompting viewers to either sign up, view or click here, to take the next step. Decide what action you want your viewers to take and craft a call-to-action that will guide them in that direction. Don’t overdo it. Viewers never want to feel bullied. They need to feel they are making the choice. Use only one call-to-action per press release.


Don’t Write Your Press Release Too Long

In today’s age, viewer’s attention span is quite limited. Don’t overwhelm your viewer with too much information. Using white space is visually pleasing and will help to not turn off a viewer. This is not an academic paper; a great press release is between 300-500 words as your goal should be to relay enough details to pique interest and create a desire in them to request additional information (remember the call-to-action?). Once you eclipse the 500 words mark there is a good chance that your words will never get read! View your press releases more like bait – don’t use bait that the fish cannot swallow.


Use Visual Content

This is where prREACH has you covered! We create a video press release specifically for YOU, and this isn’t just a video- it always includes the written PR, too, for an all-inclusive PR package. Video press releases are well worth their price! Visuals are a major draw for journalists and online media outlets. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does with written text. Use that to your full advantage in your press releases. Visuals capture a reader’s attention and allow people to easily consume information.


Search Engine Optimization

Whenever you distribute a press release online, you must make sure it is optimized for search engines. Utilize specific, long tail keywords, phrases, and seed keywords to rank you high and direct traffic to your press releases. You never know what journalist or blogger will stumble across your press release because you took this extra step!


Use prREACH!

Use our online distribution services to give you a leg up. Getting the RIGHT eyes on your press releases with powerful targeting options, give your press releases the extra reach it needs to land before industry-specific journalists, bloggers, and news media outlets. Our four media plans will enhance and improve your press releases with concentrated strategies.


Bonus tips:

Did you get a mention in Or If you got mentioned, don’t let that stop there! Post it to your Facebook page, tweet it on Twitter! Use the momentum to give you credibility and broaden your reach.
The purpose of a summary is to give readers a condensed and objective account of the main ideas of your content. Good summaries are valuable as they keep busy readers informed without demanding more time than necessary to get the information they need.


Putting in to every press releases the best practices for your press releases for today’s viewers is exactly what we specialize at prREACH! Revolutionizing your marketing strategy to increase your profits is what we do with video press releases!

Check out our flexible plans at and learn how to write a press release to best benefit your business!

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