Revolutionize Your Brand with the Power of Press Releases

The press release is back, and it’s proving to be the device entrepreneurs all over the world are reaching for first in their marketing toolbox.

Yeah, we know—when you think “press release”, you probably visualize an outdated, slightly boring or snail mail way of broadcasting not-so-newsworthy news. Heck, maybe you even heard your grandfather talking about them back in the day. And, we get it: Press releases have been used in the media for over a century, and to most of us in this social media mad world, this form of marketing a message doesn’t typically come to mind first.

Perhaps we are a little biased, but the press release is making a comeback, and at a very rapid pace. The available press release distribution options have skyrocketed in just the last few years, with modern streamlining, social media viral content, and increasingly accessible online capabilities. Now, more than ever, millions (yes, millions!) of people can read your news with one click. Imagine your press release being seen by hundreds of millions of people, including media giants, journalists, publishers and influencers with incredible followings.

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Yes, the press release has still got it.

Entrepreneurs everywhere are using this oldie but goodie to accelerate their marketing game and increase their online brand presence. And the best part? Using services like prREACH means that businesses don’t even need to write their own press releases or be responsible for distributing them to potentially millions.

So, without further ado, here’s…

6 Reasons Why Press Releases Are Good for Your Brand

1) Instant, Rapid-Speed Visibility

Using press releases allows businesses to gain incredible popularity, almost instantly.

When using a press release service such as prREACH, it allows news from brands and businesses get picked up by well-known news websites, journalists, and publishers. The potential for a press release to reach over 100 million people is not uncommon if done correctly. And with the appropriate use of properly researched keywords and search engine optimization when creating a press release helps people find your news in search engines fast.

2) Accelerate Your Sales

Press release distribution is so powerful, it can truly transform a brand’s sales success. If you’re launching a new product or just want more exposure of a service you provide, press releases help spread the awareness needed to get your product and news in front of people.

The information in a press release can allow potential consumers to make better purchasing decisions, and well as doing things like creating anticipation for a service or product you’re launching. This can help skyrocket your sales, especially if you are a smaller or new business and don’t have an existing customer base to market to. Growing and expanding using press releases can be incredibly easy to implement, and simply helps drive traffic and sales.

3) Get Trustworthy Sources Talking About You

Look at how influencer marketing has taken off in recent years and has become a staple in successful business growth strategies. If your press release is being published by renowned, trustworthy and high authority sources in its niche, potential customers will take your business seriously. This means getting excellent street cred when it comes to building your brand or business—when a customer searches your company on Google, for example, it reflects extremely well if a press release or an article pops up from a reliable source speaking highly about you. A well-optimized press release that is accessible to the public and hangs around for a long time also helps to cement your business’s footprint in its niche.

4) High Authority Backlinks

Every press release contains links that take its audience back to the websites you want to promote, and having your press release published on high authority websites gives your sites high authority, in return. This helps to increase direct, organic traffic to your website and results in better search engine ranking, as well. Ranking higher in searches and being that much more visible due to press releases is definitely something you don’t want to lose out on.

5) Leverage Your Press Release to the Max

Don’t let your press release go to waste by having it published and then forgetting about it.

Sharing your press release on social media channels, with influencers writing content specifically about it and pointing directly to your press release, are smart ways to squeeze extra mileage out of each and every press release, giving your brand massive credibility.

6) Dollars Well-Spent

How much do you spend on Facebook ads per month? Yes, they can be very effective, but how cost-effective are they for you?

Press releases can be extremely effective, as we have outlined already, but they are also incredibly cost-effective. In fact, content marketing like press releases costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads per dollar spent!

Services like prREACH have the ability and connections to send your news out to established, reputable and huge media giants nationwide with one click.

Being linked to so many awesome sources of news can’t hurt at all, and you are almost guaranteed that it will be read by a large audience—without having to pay per eyeball that lands on it.

Press releases are an affordable and effective way to build and grow your business and brand. Revolutionize your marketing strategy and increase profits today using this traditional and now modernized tool—the timeless press release is here to stay.

And if you’re looking for the right platform to send out your press release, you needn’t look further than prREACH, the world’s first video press release distribution company that uses the power of video to amplify your press releases, helping your business grow faster.

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