How Writing a Press Release Can Benefit Your Brand

A press release is a statement delivered to the news media specifically for the purpose of making an announcement or providing information. Historically, they have been present since the early days of news media and business development. It was the short and to the point marketing statements you saw in your newspapers, the jingles you heard on the radio, and the commercials you saw on television. With technology so prevalent these days, expertly crafted new releases can often make the difference between a successful business and a failing one.

A press release is a statement delivered to the news media specifically for the purpose of making an announcement or providing information. Historically, they have been present since the early days of news media and business development. It was the short and to the point marketing statements you saw in your newspapers, the jingles you heard on the radio, and the commercials you saw on television. With technology so prevalent these days, an expertly crafted press release can often make the difference between a successful business and a failing one.

Why You Should Use Press Releases In Your Business

The results of using a press release are often surprising in their continued effectiveness. Some have questioned whether this usefulness would be sustainable in the new age of media, but it’s something that continues to provide value to businesses, both established and new. The benefits of incorporating press releases in your marketing strategies are numerous. Let’s have a look at 10 ways a press release can benefit your business.

They Don’t Discriminate

Say you have a small business, or you’re just starting out. You have a small presence notched out for yourself, you have a good product, and/or you have a lot of expertise backing you up. Unfortunately, there are some of the “big boys” circling your little niche, looking to take little bites here and there, and you start to panic. How can you compete with the heavyweights?

Press Releases are the great equalizer. Big and small businesses alike take advantage of the highly effective way PRs broadcast and distribute newsworthy information. Every story will be heard, acknowledged and taken seriously, no matter what the size of the business. It’s the message that is important, not the company that it comes from. Done correctly, using a professional PR generating and distribution service, press releases can reach your intended audience and place the spotlight on your company.

They Are the Best Bang for Your Buck

A major benefit of incorporating press releases into your marketing plan is that it is a highly cost effective marketing strategy. Press releases are, by far, the most affordable way to build your online presence and increase your business’s visibility across markets. Most companies can write their own press releases, or they work with a press release distribution service. Fortunately, even outsourcing is cost effective, especially compared to paid advertisements.

Despite being a cheaper method of marketing, press releases have the added benefit of attracting investors and sponsors, which will in turn help to build up resources for further investment in your business–significantly helping your business grow.

Improves SEO

A carefully crafted press release will help build a company’s visibility online. Distribution of your press release to online media and news outlets creates backlinks to your brand’s official website and social media pages. More traffic to your sites means higher ranking in Google’s search results, increasing your brand’s visibility.

However, keep in mind that there is a significant difference between poorly written press releases that aren’t strategically created to help its SEO, and writing press releases using solid SEO techniques. For example, developing industry and business related keywords (specifically long tail keywords) to increase the SEO-friendliness of your press release is absolutely critical for successfully directing traffic and potential customers to your brand.

By improving the SEO of your business using optimized written and video press releases, your brand can build a strong online presence and gain significant authority in its niche.

Establishes Industry Experience

If your company uses press releases as part of its marketing strategy, your message about your product and services will build visibility. With visibility, and a constant stream of specific and well-crafted PRs that underline the particular services that are offered, your company will become known as an authority. Customers, readers and viewers will begin to look to your company for answers. Your audience will come to trust your PRs and your company will be seen as an expert in the field.

Being an expert with industry experience will not only offer your brand more opportunities to interact with an audience of potential customers, but your company may be approached by the news media for expert commentary on industry related information. This is another form of free marketing that can definitely help your business be seen by millions.

Builds on Reputation

Using a press release will not only grow your company’s visibility and reflect its expertise, but it will also help your brand establish a reputation. Trust can already be found in industry experience, but a properly crafted press release can also influence how your readers will see your company. A good press release can evoke empathy and understanding of its audience, and that–plus trust–is a recipe for success.

Boosts Social Presence

It’s no secret that the world works online. Social Media is the new king of everything online by a long shot, and as such, any business worth their salt utilizes social media platforms to reach their audience. Press releases give you an easy way to navigate the social media jungle, as they are typically short and sweet pieces of content that are to the point and, when optimized appropriately, can be used very successfully to increase your exposure in the Social Media landscape.

By simply crafting your press release so that keywords, headlines, and descriptions are optimized, you can boost your website traffic immensely. It is also a great way to reach your target audience–social media is all about shares and sharing, and you can insert images and video into your press releases to make them even more enticing to your audience on social media.

If one member of your audience ‘likes’ your press release, it will be seen by their friends and family. That will, in turn, generate more shares and spread your message to an audience you may not have been able to reach before. Imagine your video press release going viral! It’s definitely a possibility using press releases the right way.

Allows Focus

One benefit of press releases that many businesses overlook is their ability to refine and focus the main message a brand wants to distribute. By its nature, a press release is a shorter and concise piece of content. In order to get across a company’s message, there needs to be a specific focus on what needs to be said and how. A well crafted press release will identify your purpose and frame it specifically for a target audience. Keeping this focus will tighten everything up and cut away loose ends. With such refinement it is perfect for public consumption; easy to find, easy to access, and easy to understand.

Reach Target Audience

Speaking of reaching your target audience, even without the benefit of infiltrating the sphere of social media, a press release is designed to help find the people that need to hear your story. Using a press release distribution service guarantees that you’ll not only have a professionally crafted message, but your press release will be targeted towards geographical location to maximize your company’s reach. In doing this, your company will be put into contact with people open to your message and more willing to take you up on your services or products.

Of course, once your message is out there amongst your target audience, word will spread and bring more business to your company.

Different Channels

In this day and age, press releases are often looked upon as internet based–something that can improve your brand’s SEO substantially, and help you build a social media presence. While that, of course, is true, press releases are also able to bridge your message into different channels. Just like the old days, press releases can be a pathway to the print stories and blurbs seen in newspapers, to the short ads heard on the radio, and even in the news media and commercials you see on television. In this way, press releases are the powerhouses of the marketing world. They are cost effective, but reach far and wide, all the while carrying your brand’s message with them.

Investors Are Watching

Number 1 on this list says that press releases are cost effective. It’s true, and yet they can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. As they take in viewers, page clicks and customers, they are also attracting investors. Again, both small and large businesses can benefit from more investors or sponsors who are willing to put more capital into their business–capital and resources that can then be invested back into marketing and growth. That’s what press releases can provide your company with: growth. Whether it is through building reputations, growing an audience, or building on capital from investors, a press release can help your company accelerate and be seen substantially.


Implement Writing Press Releases in Your Marketing Strategy Today!

Needless to say, press releases have many uses and benefits for your company and business. Whether your business is well established or burgeoning in your field, a press release will certainly help in your marketing strategy. While simple and cost effective, a press release helps improve your SEO, builds your company’s reputation around expertise and experience, and helps to reach a target audience and investors through various channels.

With the right press release distribution services on your side, you can expect a well-crafted, target audience specific message that helps convey who your company is and what it does. It is a proven tool in any marketing plan that can work for any company or business no matter the size or available resources.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your company and business today! To get top tier services in press release creation and distribution, visit our website to begin your journey of growth and influence.

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