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Lebice is launching their new gadget to prepare healthy and tasty homemade snacks: the BoddyGift Popmakers. These are the first available popsicle molds that combine reusable and disposable sticks. Continue reading

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Nov 22, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Lebice is pleased to launch their innovated versatile popsicle molds set. Lebice is an e-commerce brand that specializes in kitchen gadgets for preparing healthy treats. They have been selling popsicle molds and related items for several years. Making homemade popsicles has a lot of benefits. They can be made really healthy (when made with healthy fruits and vegetables), they're cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the store-bought ice pops. However, those plastic popsicle makers already sold by Lebice and other sellers still have some problems that discourage people from using them continually. By launching the BoddyGift Popmakers, Lebice aims to solve all those problems. Their innovation in this set is that it combines reusable and disposable sticks. This turns the molds into a much more convenient gadget than they used to be until now. The set contains six molds, with the regular Lebice plastic lids with drip tray. What’s different in this set, is that it also comes with six removable silicone covers. The covers are used with the included disposable popsicle sticks. After the popsicles are frozen, one can conveniently remove the lid, and take out the popsicle on the wooden stick. It can then be enjoyed outdoors, or stored in a bag or container in the freezer. The result: Homemade popsicles made in high-quality molds, and – according to the plans for the popsicles – a choice whether to freeze them on reusable drip-tray handles or high-quality disposable sticks. The BoddyGift Popmakers are designed by experienced sellers with the customers’ specific needs and concerns in mind. The complete set is BPA free, FDA approved, and dishwasher safe (hereby also solving the problem of having difficulty cleaning the set). It is neatly and attractively packaged to make it suitable for a gift. The set includes a standing tray, six plastic popsicle holders, six plastic lids, six removable silicone lids, ± 50 high-quality wooden sticks, a funnel, a brush, and a storage bag to store the entire set. The BoddyGift Popmakers were launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday, November 13.

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Gady Lev

“My family loves making easy and healthier versions of popsicles to enjoy as treats! I made the Lebice popsicles with my 4-year old who loved being able to choose which flavor to make and which color lid it should have. The silicone funnel made pouring our blends into the molds so easy and mess-free. And the additions of the wooden sticks for when you want to make treats to take on-the-go is just brilliant. We will be using these over and over all summer with a clear conscience knowing we chose all the healthy ingredients in them. It’s a lot cheaper than store-bought options too, not to mention more environmentally friendly.”
- Katrine van Wyk, certified holistic health coach, author of Best Green Drinks Ever and Best Green Eats Ever
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