Body Ready Omega By Marine Essentials Contains More DHA Than FIsh Oil

  • Date: Jul 02, 2014
  • Category: Health

New Omega 3 supplement containing pure premium Calamarine, an ingredient proven to contain as much as 5x’s more DHA than fish oil supplements. Body Ready Omega contains DHA, the main Omega-3 responsible for lowering blood pressure and research has shown DHA can also improve blood circulation, naturally reduce blood clots, and promotes normal blood thinning Continue reading

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The potential health benefits of omega-3 supplements have improved enormously since the discovery of Calamarine, a highly potent and stable source of the nutrient found in deep sea squids, says Chicago health product provider Marine Essentials.

The company has released a Calamarine formula in softgel form called Body Ready Omega, which they expect to become a dominant brand source for DHA and EPA omega-3 supplements. The array of benefits that come from this new source of the nutrient outstrips the usual value of the substance as found in fish oil or flaxseed oil.

The company is emphasizing this point in its current online campaign (on Amazon, and to raise health consumer awareness about Calamarine. "Research shows DHA is the omega-3 fatty acid that our bodies really need and store at high levels," says Dr. Leigh Conneally, a leading integrative medicine physician. Marine Essentials also reports that “unfortunately, fish oil is rich in EPA, not DHA. That's probably one of the reasons why, despite many people take fish oil supplements…99% of Americans still don’t get enough Omega-3.”

By taking a more potent version than fish oil, consumers can enjoy the maximum range of positive effects while taking less capsules to achieve them. They also note Body Ready Omega has EPA and DHA in the correct proportions to benefit the human body, and is less likely to be contaminated or rancid compared to fish oil.

The alternative health marketplace is said to be quite interested in the development of Omega-3 products, especially those that can deliver the range of health effects promised by Calamarine. The company and health authorities report it reduces inflammation, strengthens immunity, protects the heart, protects delicate eyesight, uplifts your mood, improves memory, balances cholesterol and blood pressure, among other benefits.

The product contains a superior formulation from the deep sea squid source, compared to other brands, which are reported to use lower quality versions in manufacturing the supplements. Testimonials about the superiority of Body Ready Omega are only beginning to emerge, and the company is confident it will be perceived as the best delivery of this form of Omega-3 to impact the market.

“Our mission is to be customer driven first,” states the company on its about page. “You can submit comments or engage us through Live Chat and our team will personally help you with your questions, comments, or needs.”

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