Brand Partnership Consultant Shares Digital Marketing and Esports Connection


Brand partnership consultant, John Davidson, has shared his perspective on the connection between digital marketing and the esports culture. Davidson recently launched his new company, The Davidson Learning Company. Continue reading


Oct 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- John Davidson, a thought leader and now entrepreneur and brand partnership consultant in the esports industry, was recently featured in The GameDay Playbook, presented by FanFood. Davidson shared a stimulating conversation with host Rob Cressy, where he discussed his thoughts on the importance of digital marketing and engaging the esports community.

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Davidson is a well-rounded speaker, marketer and business strategist who works with brands, agencies and leaders to help them understand the needs and culture of esports and action sports communities and effectively engage and add meaningful value to these subcultures. He is also former Head of Partnerships at GameStop, Director of Esports for Production Resource Group and Chairman of the Esports Trade Association. His passion for helping businesses engage communities in meaningful ways that drive results led naturally to the creation of the Davidson Learning Company.

"Through my role as president of the Esports Trade Association, I have been an integral part of bringing together the industry alongside complementary experts to help enhance the business practices for a very young industry to really maximize those best practices and develop more stable, sustainable growth," says Davidson.

In the informative session about esports with Cressy, Davidson talked about how young people demand more from brands than previous generations. "Because we've grown up around it, we're numb to advertising, especially the younger you get," he explains. "We know that young people value experiences more than even owning products. And so when you want to get into that, here's the thing: young people don't care about your content. That's the problem. Right? Like you care about your content. Older generations care about that content. They eat that up. But young people care about experiences; they want to tell their friends that they did something that none of their other friends got to do. They want something unique. So how can you build a virtual experience? That is social currency for young audiences that you're building loyalty (with) because you make them cool with their friends."

When talking to brands, Davidson offers his four key pillars to add value to experience:

  1. The fan experience
  2. The competitive experience
  3. A unique experience
  4. Content

"You know content is king, but especially in the esports community, this is a very digitally native, tech-savvy group of people who are always on their phones. They're on Twitch, they're on YouTube, and if they're not consuming your content, they're consuming somebody else's," Davidson advises.

The move towards digital marketing is happening out of necessity. The global pandemic saw a consumer shift to online purchasing and has created a way for brands to connect to a broader audience. "For brands and traditional leagues to get a start with digital marketing, I would say make a great relationship, a connection with somebody who is part of a team or a league in esports, and just pick their brain and say, What have you done? How is this? And just ask all the dumb questions, don't be afraid to do that, and they're gonna be able to help you leapfrog your competition and understand what to do," Davidson says.

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