Brand’s Brightest LED Headlamp Launched, Offers Super Luminous Camping Light

  • Date: Jul 12, 2019
  • Category: Sports

Outdoor Pro Gear releases new and improved innovative headlamp that features precision German engineered LED technology.

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Bandon, Oregon, Jul 12, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Outdoor Pro Gear, known for producing premium quality products for the outdoors, is pleased to announce the release of what the company claims to be the best LED headlamp they have released yet.

Focusing on the importance of headlamps in the outdoors, the company has designed a new and improved version of the Lighthouse Beacon 1000 headlamp, using a German precision engineered LED for optimal and cleaner light. The updated headlamp is now available on the Amazon marketplace.

Outdoor Pro Gear is a small family owned and operated company that prides itself on precision production, taking the little things with big importance and making them as effective as possible. The company believes, along with many outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, that having a properly working and super bright headlamp is vital and can make all the difference when out in the big outdoors.

According to Marci Murray, spokesperson for Outdoor Pro Gear, “We produce fine-tuned gear for outdoor adventures because we would like to encourage people to take a break from their computers and televisions. Having reliable gear that works makes it a lot easier to get outside and explore with family and friends. The new and improved Lighthouse Beacon 1000 headlamp now uses a German Osram P8 LED. This allows for a much brighter and better light, substantially improving the experience for all users.”

The new LED puts out a significant 9500 Lux making it a truly bright headlamp. It has three modes: high, medium, and low, which make it more useful and separates it from many other headlamps that have high, low and strobe. Made with aluminum alloy and ABS, it is rugged and durable, with a waterproof rating of IP44 (very good).

The Lighthouse Beacon’s headbands are designed to be soft, comfortable and adjustable. The push-pull zoom feature focuses the beam of light to go wide or zoom in — an innovative and entirely useful aspect of this product. Rarely do consumers see headlamps with special convex lenses that can shift light distribution, says the company.

Surveys show that super bright LED headlamps are a necessary component for any collection of camping gear. One Outdoor Pro Gear customer wrote in a review:

“I was always dissatisfied and breaking headlamps. It is only when you really need them that you realize how important they are, and after buying this headlamp I haven’t had any problems hiking at night, setting up a tent after dark, or even working with my hands in the darker places of my home.”

Those interested in Outdoor Pro Gear’s innovative new headlamp design can visit its Amazon storefront or official website for more information.


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