Business Leadership & Growth Focus of New Course for Advanced Amazon Sellers


Amazing has officially launched its ‘Amazing Accelerators’ course to help grow already functioning businesses on Amazon.


Austin, TX , Jul 05, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazing, a leader in the Amazon business training space, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its new course for advanced Amazon sellers, Amazing Accelerators. With a focus on business leadership and growth, this course has been designed for already existing Amazon businesses.

Amazing, known for its expert training and business education for Amazon sellers, will soon be expanding its course offerings to advanced sellers. With a core mission of helping all businesses on the expansive marketplace succeed, its new Amazing Accelerators video series course focuses on helping those who are trying to get over a lag in their already functioning business grow--a common problem in entrepreneurship.

Jason Katzenback, senior spokesperson for Amazing, says, "Having an Amazon storefront is not just starting a business and then putting it on autopilot. Amazon FBA requires patience, commitment, and a good product for selling on Amazon successfully. However, it also requires knowing trends and strategies that are not readily available. Our Amazon Accelerators course allows you to see through the data and stalled sales, and focus on the aspects of your business that already have the potential energy to get things really moving!"

For advanced and already existing Amazon sellers, stagnancy in business is disheartening, and the availability of up-to-date data on business trends can make the realization that Amazon FBA businesses are not growing even more difficult, says the company. In its new course, Amazing has outlined a need that few vendors consider when starting out: momentum. With seasoned experts and business advice, the Amazing Accelerators (AA) course outlines ways to help business owners regain the initial momentum that sparked interest via thoughtful sales campaigns.

Amazing hopes to foster a healthier online marketplace with the introduction of this new course, steeped in Amazon business education. The Amazing Accelerators videos have a specific focus--and in the era of cumbersome data and distractions, focus seems to be exactly what sellers need as they try to take their businesses to the next level, says the company.

"We are excited to be able to bring the selling expertise that we have earned to our new course. We focus less on what people are doing wrong, and more on the hidden aspects of a successful business that often vendors do not even realize," continues Katzenback.

A stalled business does not mean failure, Amazing believes, and a small business does not have to stay small forever. Amazing Accelerators professes to meet the needs of sellers who need to prep for taking the next steps.

Those interested in learning more can go to or Amazing's Youtube channel, where the company has released a series of videos discussing a wide range of topics and preparatory training for the Amazing Accelerators course.


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