Using Bypass Garden Shears Pruning Made Easier Plus Essential, Say Experts


With bypass garden shears pruning becomes an extremely versatile and easy task. Named a “must-have” by gardening experts, affordable bypass garden shears for pruning is an absolutely essential tool for gardeners of all skill levels.


NIAGARA FALLS, NY, May 08, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Gardening and landscape experts say that bypass garden pruning shears are an absolute “must-have” for home gardeners, according to a recent MarketWatch article released earlier this month. Cost-effective and handy to use in almost every gardening scenario, gardening pros confirm that with garden shears pruning is made easier and comfortable, and it is an essential tool used the most often by both beginner and seasoned gardeners.

Green Heart Lifestyle, producer of outdoor garden tools for a range of skill levels, agrees. According to their spokesperson, “Bypass garden pruning shears have been around for a long time, but they should be an absolute staple in every gardener’s toolshed. Even people who don’t consider themselves gardeners would benefit from having a pair of pruning shears available to use at their home. Whether you are a homeowner or gardener--or both!--it is absolutely critical for appropriate pruning of your plants, as this directly affects their growth and appearance.”

Traditionally constructed of carbon steel, bypass garden shears can be used on a variety of tasks in gardens and yards. Gardening experts say that they are also extremely easy to use, since most require only simple maneuvers with minimal hand strength. They also agree that high quality pruners allow even those with arthritic hands to complete a variety of pruning tasks, which is why this tool is considered such a necessary item for most.

Green Heart Lifestyle’s product line includes garden pruning shears made of carbon steel that are ultra sharp, claiming to make accurate cuts through branches and stems easily. The design of these shears consists of scissor-like, curved blades that allow users to trim and prune a variety of plants and trees with minimal effort.

“Proper care using garden pruning shears can truly make one’s garden and yard beautiful. This simple and very affordable tool is easy to use with just a squeeze of your hand, and quite multi-purpose, as they can be used on an assortment of plants and trees all around your garden,” says Green Heart’s spokesperson.

Green Heart Lifestyle has also modernized the design of the shears they produce, by adding titanium garden scissors to their product line. While garden pruning shears made of carbon steel have done exceedingly well over decades, ones constructed of titanium are rust-resistant and last for long periods of time.

Both types of garden pruning shears by Green Heart have been ergonomically designed, with the goal to fit comfortably in most users’ hands. They are also lightweight and consist of safety locks, as well as indented sap grooves for easy maintenance.

For more information about bypass garden pruning shears, visit Green Heart Lifestyle’s official website or Amazon storefront.

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