Carbon Bypass Pruning Shears Providing Gardeners With Versatility


Premium bypass pruning shears with carbon steel by Green Heart Lifestyle deliver a top-notch tool for indoor and outdoor enjoyable gardening.


NIAGARA FALLS, NY, Apr 30, 2019 /prREACH/ -- With Spring in the air, it is time to start thinking about getting the garden in top shape. Green Heart Lifestyle’s Carbon Steel Bypass Pruning Shears have become an essential tool for any serious home gardener seeking dependable gardening equipment this spring.

Green Heart Lifestyle, producer of premium outdoor gardening tools, designs garden shears for gardeners by gardeners that are affordable, durable, versatile and comfortable.

According to a spokesperson from Green Heart Lifestyle, “Our Carbon Steel Bypass Pruning Shears are affordable, easy to use, and built to last--they are a must-have for all gardeners. From hobbyists to professional horticulturists, we’ve designed our shears to suit a range of experiences when it comes to pruning shears.”

Lightweight yet tough, these garden pruning shears are ergonomically designed for the ultimate comfortable grip. With eight inch blades constructed of ultra-sharp carbon steel and a scissor shaped mechanism, the shears provide clean, sharp cuts and stand up to the toughest pruning jobs facing any gardener. In addition, gardeners will need to use only minimal effort to achieve the cuts they want, with the pruning shears bypass design providing great versatility and precision.

A wide range of gardening tasks, including pruning shrubs and bushes to maintaining indoor flowers and bonsai, can be tackled with ease using these bypass pruning shears. Safety enthusiasts can also appreciate the small details Green Heart has implemented into their design, with a safety lock to give peace of mind to gardeners at all times.

Green Heart Lifestyle offers another exciting product that provides superior pruning to your arsenal. Their Professional Titanium Coated garden pruning shears are built to last with rust-proof titanium blades that stay sharp and corrosion free for longer. Like the carbon steel garden scissors, they are ergonomically designed for maximum ease and comfort. These garden clippers give great results shaping both your indoor and outdoor garden and plants.

A satisfied customer of the carbon steel pruning shears states:

“These shears are by far my favourite! They are sharp and cut with ease. I've used them to trim bushes, plants and even some tree branches. I had a huge bed of tulips that needed to be cut down and it was so easy it took no time at all. The spring mechanism makes them easy to use and they are very comfortable. With these garden shears pruning is so simple. Highly recommended."

Gardening enthusiasts looking for dependable hand tools to add to their outdoor kids can learn more about Green Heart Lifestyle’s products on their Amazon storefront today.

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Affordable, easy to use, and built to last – Green Heart’s pruning shears are a must-have for all gardeners. Right from hobbyists to professional horticulturists, Green Heart is the ideal choice when it comes to pruning shears.
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