Carry-On Luggage for Kids Wins International Award, Says Family Travel Brand

  • Date: Oct 08, 2020
  • Category: Travel

Tern-x is making family travel a breeze with its carry-on luggage for kids. The brand is a 2020 recipient of the internationally recognized Red Dot Award for design excellence. Tern-x aims to help families travel stress-free for memorable vacations. Continue reading

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Melbourne, Victoria, Oct 08, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Tern-x, an up-and-coming family travel brand, is impressing the travel world with its carry-on luggage for kids. The brand’s innovative bbeez luggage is a truly unique, premium carry-on, with thoughtful features that solve real travel problems. Tern-x is happy to announce that bbeez is a recipient of the coveted Red Dot Award, an international product design accolade, for 2020.

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The Red Dot distinction has become internationally established as one of the most sought-after seals of good design quality. The Red Dot mark is recognized for design excellence by companies, designers, and consumers to ensure high-quality designs. Judging criteria includes a degree of innovation, aesthetic quality, realization possibility, functionality, emotional content and impact by delivering a substantial and significant benefit.

Tern-x founders and avid travelers, Tack Lee and Hoe Ping Lo, saw an opportunity to simplify traveling with children by creating the ultimate parents' ultimate solution.  “Our vision is to inspire a new generation of family travelers and enrich how families travel, live and play,” says Hoe Ping. Designed by parents, for parents, but built for kids, the brand’s carry-on for kids solves the major problems families face when traveling: stress, anxiety and excess baggage. “Family travel can be exhausting at times, with kids refusing to walk, having to juggle strollers, nappy bags, toys, blankets and other items,” Hoe Ping continues. “We designed bbeez to offer parents effortless travel time with their kids, so every journey is as enjoyable as the destination.”

The first of its type, the ultimate kids’ travel solution, is an all-in-one cabin luggage case, suitcase, stroller, kids ride on luggage, booster seat and nappy bag. Loaded with thoughtful features, the brand outlines the following benefits:

  • Designed for kids aged 6 months to 8 years, kids can sit on top while parents pull them along
  • Made of high-quality material that can weather years of hard use and busy travel
  • Meets TSA guidelines and the allotted carry-on size of every major airline
  • Seamlessly transitions into a five-point booster seat on top of any chair
  • Perfect for carrying all kids’ travel necessities, including toiletries
  • Fits easily between airplane aisles
  • Saves hassle and money by reducing the number of checked items

The brand’s motto, “Happy kids, happy you,” extends beyond the carry-on luggage case. The husband and wife team are also offering their very own “Traveling with Kids” handbook, a step-by-step guide to reduce the stress of planning a long-awaited family vacation. Written from Tack and Hoe Ping’s personal travel experience with their kids, the travel book covers a range of useful topics, including saving and budgeting, tips to make any flight fuss-free, how to pack light without forgetting the important things, getting a child sleep to anywhere and adjust to a new schedule, ways to stay healthy, travel games kids will love and much more.

To find additional information about kids’ luggage by Tern-x, visit the company’s official Facebook page.



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Tern-x is a family travel lifestyle brand that creates innovative travel products that solve an ever age problem of traveling with kids; stress, anxiety and excess baggage. Our mission is to simplify family travel through innovation. Happy kids happy you with a vision is to inspire a new generation of family travelers, and enrich how families travel, live and play.
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