Chopping Knife Receives Great Amazon Review for Its Performance


KUMA’s popular chopping knife made of Damascus steel has recently received an excellent review from a satisfied Amazon user. This eight-inch long knife is built to support all types of cutting and chopping activities in the kitchen.


COPENHAGEN, Aug 27, 2019 /prREACH/ -- KUMA and its useful range of kitchen products continue to receive recommendations from impressed users on Amazon. The company's popular Damascus steel knife chef recently received an elaborate review from a delighted user. To date, this product has received almost 100 Amazon reviews and is currently an 'Amazon's Choice' product in its category.

More information about the Damascus steel knives from KUMA can be found at

KUMA advises that its Damascus knives have a length of eight inches and are manufactured using 67 layers of Japanese Damascus Steel for making them extraordinarily strong and durable. The manufacturing process involves putting the knives though eight engineering processes before hand-finishing them for extreme sharpness. When used as a chopping knife, the product can effortlessly cut through all types of vegetables, fruits, and even meat.

"For comfort, our knives come with an ergonomically designed, lightweight, and comfortable handle. Users have a balanced and comfortable grip even while applying firm pressure, thanks to the product's hand-polished soft spine." Said the KUMA spokesperson.

This sushi knife from KUMA also includes a high-quality sheath and knife guard for user safety.

"I received this knife at a promotional price, and my husband was skeptical. Now, this is one of his favorite things in our kitchen. We had decent, run-of-the-mill knives that he never complained about and kept sharpened, and this knife blows them out of the water," said Jessica Geist, a recent user of the product. "It cuts through a raw potato like it's a baked potato. It sliced through chicken just with the pulling motion on the knife -- no sawing or pressure required. Our tomatoes are actually cubes when we cut them instead of getting all mashed up with seeds everywhere as they did with our old knives. My husband actually won't cut watermelon with it anymore because it's so sharp that it cuts through too fast, and he ended up cutting himself a few times. I'd definitely recommend this to someone who wants to add a really nice knife to their kitchen."

Those interested in learning more about KUMA's Professional Damascus Steel Knife should visit the company's website or Amazon storefront.



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