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    Clinical Social Worker Joyce Ann Tepley Offers Course to Help Others Thrive through Adversity

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    Clinical Social Worker Joyce Ann Tepley and Author of Thriving Through It – How They Do It: What It Takes to Transform Trauma Into Triumph launches the Master of the Art of Thriving Course to help others thrive through adversity.

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    Joyce Ann Tepley, Founder of The Thriving Living Community, www.thriverlivingcommunity.com, is Author of Thriving Through It - How They Do It: What It Takes to Transform Trauma Into Triumph, and Creator of the Master the Art of Thriving Course.

    As a Clinical Social Worker Joyce Ann spent four decades counseling people with a variety of emotional and relationship problems. That coupled with personal experience helped to identify the consistent qualities present among those who overcome adversity. While compiling the information needed to write the book Ms. Tepley interviewed several people who have faced major difficulties and are flourishing in spite of and because of problems.

    It was discovered that in order to thrive a person must have particular personality traits, beliefs, and support. Thriving is an internal state of being that can be developed.

    The course offers a simple step-by-step process. Each participant learns and practices the 7 key attributes of thrivers which has shown to significantly increase levels of joy and contentment. The cycle of grief, fear and frustration are transformed into gratitude, confidence and peace of mind.

    Judy C. says “The real life stories are inspiring and there are models to follow which was a help to learning by example.”

    According to Mildred L. Thriving Through It-How They Do It: What It Takes to Transform Trauma Into Triumph is “Highly readable.”

    If someone is dealing with chronic illness, and wants to move forward in spite of difficult circumstances, or is discouraged in any way, please suggest that they visit The Thriving Community website at www.thriverlivingcommunity.com. Click on the Store Button to purchase the course plus 2 bonuses – The 7 Key Attributes of Thrivers and a copy of Ms. Tepley’s book, Thriving Through It - How They Do It.

    Joyce Ann Tepley's mission is to honor those who thrive through adversity by telling their stories.

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    “A powerful book …. Breezy style, great stories. This is a book to keep and reread, especially when discouraged.”
    - Dr. Selma C.
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