Clinton Rotteveel Launches New Business Coaching Program


Clinton Rotteveel, a veteran business leader with extensive experience in various industries, has launched Focused to Success, a training program that is geared towards guiding companies towards success.

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May 21, 2018 /prREACH/ -- An ex-financial planner, Clinton Rotteveel has been awarded the title of “No. 1 Financial Planner” in Australia for 2 years in a row. Using his expertise, he has created Focused to Success, a series of training programs that target professional success for individuals across different domains and career goals.

According to Rotteveel, “The results you get are based on the quality of questions you ask yourself”. In the program, Rotteveel guides and coach’s businesses from the ground up, whether it is a start-up company or a business that has been running for a while but has not yet achieved ideal performance levels. Rotteveel covers many different aspects of a business such as, personality profiling of the workforce, guiding the team to what Rotteveel likes to call peak state of performance, and the business process, system assets and drilling deep into businesses to grow the business with their current assets and expand their offering, and look at ways to hedge against different market risks.

His newly launched programs within Focused to Success are the Classic Program which is focused on transforming one's finances, health, relationships, and career. The Total Focus Workshop, which is covered over 2 half-day workshops, is focused on mastering emotions, creating a desired future and action planning. Lastly, it includes the Corporate Results Program, which is focused on strategic planning, strategy, empowerment, and results.

Continues Rotteveel, “One of Australia's Largest Bank implemented this program across their divisions and it has resulted in a 200% increase in business for them.” The programs are about eliminating old behaviors, rewiring new behaviors and setting people up for the success. All of Rotteveel's programs and workshops are designed to turn B class employees into A class employees.

To find out more about Clinton Rotteveel and Focused on Success, visit the official Focused To Success website.

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