Stephanie Pastucha Offers Free Coaching Consultations for Confidence Building


Germany – Stephanie Pastucha, coach, philanthropist, life strategist and entrepreneur is launching a new motivational coaching program.

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May 21, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Life coach Stephanie Pastucha is now offering free consultations for improving one’s confidence.

Wuppertal, Germany - With so many people taking a recent interest in the coaching industry, Stephanie Pastucha aims to offer a solution that people can easily understand and follow. By leveraging her extensive experience in the industry to motivate, coach and teach people how to grow their self-confidence. Pastucha is offering a free consultation to anyone that is interested in finding out more information on what she does and for anyone who is wanting to get involved in her coaching and what she has to offer.

Pastucha an international speaker, success, and life coach and has also broken out into the crypto-currency industry as an investor. Stephanie is also a model, actress and has several TV appearances under her belt. Pastucha has shared a stage with highly successful people such as Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Gene Simmons and many more. Pastucha believes that who you surround yourself with is crucial to finding and growing one’s success.

Building self-confidence in her clients is something that Pastucha is working very hard to achieve, her coaching program is geared towards educating and guiding people through life’s obstacles, hardships and any problems one might be facing. In a recent interview at a large-scale business event in Los Angeles, California, the USA with Mel Gibson, the two sat down and discussed the need for more self-confidence in people around the world and the importance that belief in oneself has on success and life.

Stephanie is uniquely placed to coach people when it comes to confidence as a tragic accident left her with 3rd-degree burns with one side of her body severely injured. According to Stephanie, “Mental fortitude is key to achieving things in life and as terrible as my experience was, it has provided me with the insight to help people overcome all forms of difficult issues.”

To find out more information on Stephanie Pastucha and her coaching programs, please be sure to visit her official website

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"Confidence is something you can create within yourself, just by believing in who you are"
- Stephanie Pastucha
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