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LEGEND offers new Impact X-Ray method that diagnoses hidden hang-ups in companies.


Aug 05, 2019 /prREACH/ -- LEGEND is pleased to announce the launch of its new method, Impact X-Ray, which helps make assessments of a company based on criteria that determines healthy structure and sales to increase business growth.

LEGEND, a global business consultancy and advisors firm, aims to help businesses of all sizes reimagine their services, implement digital strategies, and create a competitive edge. Just like the human body, which needs to be seen by a doctor for a check up on a regular basis, businesses need to be examined, says the company. Emphasizing that business is not two dimensional, and owners often do not know where to look in order to diagnose where a company could do better, LEGEND has created Impact X-Ray to offer solutions to this common problem.

Brigitte Lawler, spokesperson for LEGEND, says: "In this economy, it is crucial that businesses are resilient in a fast-changing environment and able to provide their customers with immediacy and personalization. That requires both core strength and quick agility. Our Impact X-Ray is a means to discover what shape your business is in, and how to move forward to the next level of success."

According to the firm, LEGEND looks deep into the hidden aspects of a business with Impact X-Ray. Just like the medical procedure after which it is named, the X-Ray increases the visibility of the inner workings of a company. The dynamic field of business, changed by the motivator of online sales, requires that the market reassess the ways that people think about growth and companies as a whole, the company states.

"Business success is made easier with processes that treat a company like a body to be rehabilitated," continues Lawler.

Conducted over a two-day period, LEGEND's X-Ray uses innovative strategies, which analyze business models and better equips executive teams, while observing the company's performance in its functional areas.

One LEGEND customer wrote, "I walked away with a clarity of vision, a detailed review of the wellbeing of my company. The Impact X-Ray really showed me the key areas of development that I didn't even realize were there. I feel that I've overcome risk that were stunting the growth of my company."

LEGEND is ACC Accredited with the International Coaching Federation. For more information on LEGEND's business acceleration services and programs, visit its official website.


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