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    Conquer the Digital Confusion, it can be done! The Digital Coach team will ensure it

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    n the days of Hashtags, metadata, RSS Feeds, PPC, and HTML what is a business owner to do when attempting to navigate the challenging and ever-changing world of digital? Any business owner has a few options, go with a big box digital agency focused on saying all the right things but not always delivering, or work with a team that can actually make everything digital seem simple by communicating using “English” not agency jargon. The Digital Coach team is focused on just that, making digital simple, understandable, and done for you if needed.

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    Kenneth Nel had been through the ringer when it comes to building his business online, working with everyone that seemed to have the answer, yet finding himself with no results to show for the outrageous amount of money invested.  Was it simply that a lot of established companies knew the lingo but not how it actually worked? Or was understanding the confusing world of digital really not that simple?  Nel was determined to figure out just that, and out of that frustration and determination something amazing happened.  The birthing of The Digital Coach, which not only was beneficial to Nel, but would prove to help business owners finally find a clear navigational path through the jungle that is the online world.

    The Digital Coach was started, as most innovative business are, with the idea in mind of making a seemingly increasing problem simple again.  That problem was understanding the digital world.  Most digital companies don’t always focus on making what they do and how it works something that the client can understand.  Nel and the team at The Digital Coach really spend time taking the mystery out of what they do and openly communicate in “English” so the clients understand how the strategy works.  Here is the even better news, they actually get real, tangible, results… and that’s not their words, that comes from their clients.

    With digital marketing becoming a must have, Nel wanted to make sure that he was delivering something that was affordable for any business therefor making it accessible.  Gone are the days of thinking digital is a fad, one doesn't need to understand it, or one doesn’t need to participate in it.

    The team at The Digital Coach almost makes digital effortless with workshops, and done for you options as well.  Unlike the companies that Nel had hired at first, The Digital Coach gets the clients message out there in a way that makes an impact with one's customer base, and won’t rob one blind doing so.  After working with Nel and his team, it’s simple, businesses will start selling more stuff… if one is a business owner and that isn’t their goal, then something is wrong.

    To learn more about Nel and his thoughts on the online world, check out Digital Transformation – The Lie we are sold on Amazon.

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    “I can’t understand, digital doesn’t make sense, I don’t need it… those aren’t acceptable responses when I speak to someone about online marketing. If you aren’t willing to become part of this business revolution, then be prepared to be left behind. And no it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.”
    - Kenneth Nel
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