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    Consumer Demands: A Rising Demand In Barbecue Sauce

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    With a current annual growth rate of 1.7 % between the years 2008-2013 and a market value of $2 billion, the BBQ sauce industry is slowly growing.

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    Barbecue sauce is making a storming comeback across the US. Some claim that the all-time family favorite has been around since the 15th century, while others believe it was brought about in the 17th century. Whatever its origin date, barbecue sauce is a long-time serving addition to many great recipes, and the BBQ chef's favorite weapon for guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

    One misconception in the barbecue sauce world is that there's just your regular, shop-bought barbecue sauce, which all vary slightly in flavor. This isn't absurd though, as sauces like ketchup or mayonnaise are all supplied under different brands, but taste slightly different. Barbecue sauce can vary a whole lot more though.

    What's interesting is that although the shelves are packed with a wide variety of different brands and tastes to choose from, reviews have proven a higher price tag does not necessarily provide a better taste. In fact, a user review shown by Consumer Reports (http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/video-hub/food/food/best-tasting-barbecue-sauces/16845800001/991573044001/) showed that in a survey of 100 people, the Jack Daniels No.7 sauce priced at around $3, was no match for Walmart's own brand ‘Great Value' barbecue sauce, priced at around $0.85. Obviously homemade is always going to be the recommended path, but for those without the means to do so, a little research goes a long way. Not just for taste, but for money saving too.

    South Carolina is the only state that traditionally includes all four recognized barbecue sauces, including mustard-based, vinegar-based, and light and heavy tomato-based.

    The 4 types of barbecue sauce:

    Mustard-based South Carolina- Commonly found in the Charleston and Columbia areas, which proved to be a popular place for German families in the 1750s, as they were welcomed into the US to work on farms due to their hard-working mentalities. Mustard being very popular in German food was added to the barbecue sauce to provide a variation. Commonly used in this form of barbecue sauce were; mustard, vinegar, sugar and spices.

    Kansas city light-tomato-Started with vinegar and pepper with a little tomato ketchup added for its sweetening properties. Lexington, North Carolina is the unofficial home of the tomato based barbecue sauce

    Heavy tomato-based- The most readily available sauce within the US in modern times due to its sweetness which has made it a consumer favorite. Many Americans believe that this is the ‘real' barbecue taste because of the ease in which this flavor barbecue is obtained. This misleads Americans across the country that don't understand its routes and variation from other barbecue sauces.

    Vinegar and Pepper – Commonly known as the ‘original' or first barbecue sauce. A very simple recipe but has stood the test of time well and can still be tracked back to its original roots in the coastal plains of North and South Carolina.

    The annual growth within the barbecue sauce market stands at around the 1.7% mark. With an estimated market value of $2 billion. These numbers could possibly see further growth though with the interest in not just barbecuing but home-cooking on the rise, as consumers become more aware about the cost of eating, and what they're eating.

    The stats shown on Ibisworld (http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/bbq-sauce-production.html) reflect the recent trend and the effect that it is set to have on the market in years to come.

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    As a premium brand of BBQ and Cooking tools and accessories, Cave Tools is always looking for new ways to educate our customers. We believe that the current statistics not only reflect a rising consumer demand for barbecue sauce, but also a cultural shift in the United States towards more barbecue focused eating habits. Based on this data, we have placed a strong company focus on creating more educational barbecue style videos that we can provide to our customers
    - Michael Medium Rare O
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