Corporate Change Management Expert Launches New Business


Myanne Olesen, a corporate change management expert, has just launched her new business, Capacity Consulting Group. Through her business, Olesen will help businesses organize themselves to deal with digital transformation and strategic changes.


Aug 05, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Myanne Olesen is pleased to announce the official launch of her new business venture, Capacity Consulting Group. An expert in the field of corporate change management, Olesen strongly believes that there is a critical need for a paradigm shift in how companies of a certain size organize themselves to cope with digital transformation and strategic change efficiently. Through her company, she is looking to help businesses make this transition to become robust and sustainable in the long run.

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Today's business organizations have a serious need for disruptive transformation, everyday business change, and innovation. However, the executive management level often fails to understand this need and continues to operate within its comfort zone. Capacity Consulting Group and its founder, Myanne Olesen, are dedicated to helping executive managers get out of their comfort zone and act on this emerging challenge.

"It is due time for organizations of a certain size to implement a CCO (Chief Change Officer), with authority at executive CxO level and dedicated resources that build long-term corporate skills, experience and best practice, just like had to organize for IT, when this became a strategic organizational capability," says Olesen.

Over an illustrious academic career, Olesen has studied computer science combined with an Executive MBA. She is a method expert and specialist in applied best practices and continuous improvement, with substantial practical experience in large corporate strategic change programs and digital transformation. Strategic change, agile leadership, business development and digital transformation are some of her areas of core competence.

Olesen is also a serial entrepreneur with a track record of driving and supporting several start-ups and smaller companies with a strong ambition to grow. She was involved in the creation of the first internet company in Denmark and chaired Danish Unix User Group. She also started the first agile development community in Denmark.

She explains, "I help organizations to build strong corporate muscles for strategic business development, innovation, agility, change and transition — delivering affectivity, efficiency and robustness to the organization for it to grow and become long-term sustainable."

To find out more about Myanne Olesen and her business expertise, please visit the Capacity Consulting Group's official website.


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