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    D1 Spa Cover, Retailer Simplifies Hot Tub Cover Purchase Process

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    Dimension One Spa Parts Supplier, Easy Spa Parts Helps Consumers Purchase New Covers Even When They Don’t Know Make, Model and Year of Their Spa. Introduces Popular Hot Tub Cover Selection System.

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    Easy Spa Parts, a premier Dimension One Hot Tub Parts online retailer selling hot tub and spa parts for Dimension One Spas has added a new feature to their website to help consumers looking for hot tub cover replacements.  The company based out of Oceanside, CA has been helping D1 Spas owners fix their spas since 2007.

    “Many times, consumers come to us wanting to purchase a replacement hot tub cover for the worn one they have now, but don’t know the make, model and year of their spa,” said Phil Sandner, President of Easy Spa Parts located in San Diego, CA.  “This information is critical in order to find the right size, shape and color cover to match their spa. In order to help consumers having this problem, we created an online system where consumers can, point, click and select what they need,” continued Sandner.

    “The new system starts by asking the consumer to select from 8 top hot tub manufactures,” said Sandner.  From there, the automated system prompts the user to select the color they want and then shows them how to find the model and serial number of their hot tub.  From there the user simply enters their contact and purchase information…it’s that easy.”

    “Harsh outside weather conditions and constant sun exposure will over a period of time make it necessary to replace a hot tub or spa cover,” continued Sandner.  “But due to the complexity of buying a new hot tub cover, many spa owners delay this purchase which can actually diminish the performance of the entire hot tub.  The new cover selection system makes the cover buying process fast and easy.”

    Easy Spa Parts sells Sunstar for Dimenion One Spa Covers.  Sunstar, a manufacturer known for quality for over 30 years provides both high quality and affordability in one cover.

    Consumers wanting to learn more or get an instant online price for a new hot tub or spa cover are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.  The website address is http://www.EasySpaParts.com

    About Easy Spa Parts Easy Spa Parts is a full service hot tub parts and accessories online retailer specializing in Dimension One Spas. Their knowledgeable staff has 60+ years of combined experience, and can easily help spa owners troubleshoot and repair most spa related issues. Its expertise people can trust and they are just a phone call away. They’ve built their business and reputation by providing solutions, one spa at a time.

    How are they different? They're not just spa parts experts.  They’ve learned the importance of providing exceptional customer service. In addition to their live customer service team available 6 days a week, they also provide informative videos, step-by-step tutorials and printable maintenance tips available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    They continually work to exceed their customer’s highest expectations - even in the face of the most challenging conditions. It’s that dedication and attention to detail that keeps them a cut above the rest.  They invite hot tub owners to browse their site to find everything they need to make their spa experience the best it can be. From their family to consumers - here’s to another enjoyable day with the spa!

    To learn more, pick up a copy of this free report “Clean Water Made Easy - How to Keep Your Spa Water Crystal Clear.”  Just call at 866-418-1840 or go to http://www.EasySpaParts.com

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    In order to help consumers having a problem finding the right spa cover, we created an online system where consumers can, point, click and select what they need.
    - Phil Sandner, President of Easy Spa Parts located in San Diego, CA
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