Damascus Steel Knife Receives Top Reviews From Impressed At-Home Cooks


At-home cooks are highly impressed with the Damascus steel knife by KUMA, a brand dedicated to delivering precise performance, durability and comfort in every cut. The 8-inch blade is corrosion-resistant with a balanced, ergonomic handle.

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COPENHAGEN, Jul 28, 2020 /prREACH/ -- KUMA has created an expertly made Damascus steel knife that has been leaving at-home cooks highly impressed with its professional results. The company's skillfully trained bladesmiths designed the 8-inch chef knife with 67 layers of premium Japanese Damascus steel for extraordinary strength and longevity.

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A versatile purchase for all kitchens, the chef knife features resilient, hardened carbon steel that is layered in a beautiful Japanese-style design. "Our corrosion-resistant Japanese steel knives are put through a series of 8 engineered processes and are hand-finished with our V-shape sharpening technology for lasting sharpness right out of the box," states the company's founder.

KUMA recognizes that quality kitchen tools are a long-term investment. To prolong the life of the blade, the brand recommends handwashing all knives with a soapy cloth and drying immediately after. When not in use, store the chef knife in a sheath to protect the blade from dings and to maintain sharpness.

Amazon customers have been raving about the exceptional performance of the ultra-strong and chip-resistant blade. One top Amazon reviewer had this to say, "This knife is sharp! It looks great, and I cannot stress this enough, it is super sharp! My wife has talked about Damascus steel blades for a few years now, and I know she has always wanted a Damascus steel knife, so I was happy to get this for her. It comes with a sheath, which is absolutely necessary. You do not want to run into this blade rummaging through the drawer, I assure you. The knife is a joy to use. It cuts through all of our kitchen jobs smoothly and effortlessly. It feels great in your hand too. It has just the right weight without being heavy, and the handle is comfortable even when doing a TON of chopping. It's made meal prep a breeze, and that makes everyone's life much better."

Those interested in additional information about KUMA and its Damascus steel chef knife can visit the company's Amazon storefront.


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