Daniel Dimassa, Entrepreneur and Adrenaline Junkie, on “I Know This Guy”


Daniel Dimassa was present as the special guest on episode 12 of Norman Farrar’s popular podcast, “I Know This Guy.” Founder of the brands Die Epic and Live Epic, Dimassa always looks for adventure and ways to build online tribes. Continue reading


Aug 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar recently had the opportunity to welcome Daniel Dimassa as a valued guest on his popular podcast, "I Know This Guy." A noted entrepreneur, coach, speaker and mentor, Farrar launched this podcast to interview the most interesting people he has met throughout his life. Farrar's latest guest, Daniel Dimassa, is a lifetime adrenaline junkie, mobile enterprise adoption strategist and the founder of well-known brands Die Epic and Live Epic. A self-made entrepreneur, Dimassa is also the founder of TEEacher, a platform that he created to blog about starting a t-shirt brand from scratch and hosting Meetup events.

The entire episode of "I Know This Guy" featuring Daniel Dimassa is available at https://iknowthisguy.com/episodes/12-daniel-dimassa/.

As an adrenaline junkie, Dimassa initially started making t-shirts for himself and had no intention to sell them. However, his brand came to life after he ran into one of the Rock's stunt doubles, who was interested in buying Dimassa's t-shirts. The brand launched via Instagram in January 2015. Today, along with his two partners, Dimassa has sold over a billion dollars' worth of t-shirts.

At the start of the interview, Farrar and Dimassa discussed the ongoing pandemic and how it has crippled people's lives; Dimassa mentioned a 106-year-old woman in his town who lived in Nazi camps, survived the Spanish flu and is now experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this worldwide hardship, Dimassa revealed that he started two different brands and websites during the lockdown.

As a technical person, Dimassa said he never wanted to be a "t-shirt guy." In fact, he got into the business of buying and selling domains because he thought it could be a long-term earning avenue. "T-shirts work, period, and everyone knows that you love to wear your emotions on your sleeve, like what you're proud of...what makes you think you're greater than other people, you wear on your chest. So I'm just a big fan of wearing custom t-shirts, and I'm cheap. Why should I pay Nike? They're not paying me to wear that shirt. So this then led me to making my own shirts," he explained.

During the interview, Dimassa also spoke about his love of giving back to the community. He mentioned that he doesn't aspire to have exotic cars or to live on an island. He strongly believes that having a brand can create a ripple effect, and he would love to continue giving back to charity.

"No offense to RedBull and Monster Energy Drink, but we have the same niche now. I'm very tiny compared to them, but they use their 'cool' to sell sugary drinks to teenagers. Why not use that to do things like sending a push-up contest to raise money for first responder masks while we're all locked [in] quarantine?" he said.

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About Daniel Dimassa

He is a self-made entrepreneur specializing in Consulting, Entrepreneur Mentoring, Sales, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Social and Mobile Strategy, Leader, Meeting Organization, Project Management, Management, Overseas and Outsourcing Management.

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