Dealer Management of Vehicle Inventory Solved by BidACar’s Proven Cutting-Edge Technology


BidACar is the only marketplace designed to support and assist in the management of vehicle inventory for dealers by utilizing the dealer community as a network.

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May 16, 2016 /prREACH/ -- “Managing and marketing a dealership’s inventory of new and used cars has been made even more complex by changing technology and the rise of Internet research and shopping by consumers.…As a result, the always-difficult equation—having the right vehicles at the right time and at the right price—is more difficult to solve than ever." - The Art & Science of Dealership Inventory Management, by Kurt Stephan, Dealer Marketing Magazine

Bidacar is a Dealer-to-Dealer centric technology solution for managing inventory within dealer communities. Its automated technology is designed specifically to eliminate time, frustration and expenses that come with carrying unwanted or inappropriate pre-owned inventory. The system seamlessly integrates with a dealer’s existing business processes.

The system also allows dealers to maximize time for retail sales. Having the "Frontline" vehicles already available for sale, there is no further risk of losses and expenses from transport theft at auctions; thus maximizing profit and minimizing loss.

The solution BidACar offers helps a dealer’s bottom line by saving both time and money.

Buying Frontline Vehicles Costs much less then brick and mortar auctions · Nets dealers higher return on sales through use of BidACar’s portal · Wholesale Inventory never leaves the facility until sold which gives Dealers more opportunity for sale to retail customers · Distressed inventory is automatically re-marketed for 24/7 exposure · BidACar’s Concierge Service frees up a dealers valuable time · Automated alerts helps dealers act instantly upon opportunity's

According to Ryan Holley, “The process of BidACar is easy to use and it’s helped us significantly. The staff that supports the company is awesome."

The BidACar sales team helps to assist the dealer network in the remarketing of those particular aged vehicles and also offers Frontline guaranteed vehicles to those dealers in need of fresh inventory.

BidACar always welcome any and all parties for new business development, strategic allegiances, and partnerships to align itself with the company. To find out more about BidACar’s services and products or to join BidACar please go to

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Bidacar has help us tremendously in sourcing fresh inventory for the Dealership.
- Tony Rehn, Dealer Principle
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