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    Dentists in Haworth, NJ Offer Bergen County Patients the Most Advanced Option for Straightening Smiles without Braces

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    Gentle Dentistry in Haworth, NJ offers Invisalign for adult and teen patients seeking straighter smiles

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    Dental patients in Bergen County, NJ who dream of having straighter smiles without undergoing traditional orthodontics now have an effective, fast, and affordable solution available with the Invisalign clear aligners offered at Gentle Dentistry in Haworth. The dental professionals at Gentle Dentistry offer Invisalign for both teen and adult patients who prefer a more comfortable and aesthetic treatment option for straightening their smiles.

    Invisalign clear aligners represent some of the latest orthodontic technology that successfully straightens teeth without the use of traditional braces including brackets and wires. Instead, Invisalign aligners are made from clear polyurethane plastic. When worn, these aligners are practically invisible at speaking distance, and unlike traditional braces that are bonded or cemented to the teeth, Invisalign aligners are completely removable. While patients are instructed to wear them the majority of the day, the aligners can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing, as well as special occasions such as important photos, meetings, presentations, reunions, etc.

    Because of their aesthetics, convenience, and comfort, many adults are turning to Invisalign as the preferred method for straightening their smiles because it doesn’t interfere with their professional or personal lives. Invisalign aligners are extremely discreet, so adults don’t have to feel like they are detracting from their appearance with braces to improve their smile.

    For teenagers, Invisalign not only offers better appearances and more comfort, but also the ability to maintain better oral hygiene as well as dietary choices. Because the aligners are completely removable, teenagers don’t have to spend extra time brushing and flossing their teeth properly with special products as they would with traditional braces. Additionally, they don’t have to restrict their diet because of certain foods that aren’t braces-friendly, such as biting into an apple or corn on the cob.

    The Invisalign process utilizes advanced 3D imaging technology to create a digital plan to straighten the patient’s smiles over a series of several different sets of aligners worn throughout the treatment period. Patients switch out these aligners approximately every two weeks to gradually shift teeth into alignment. Because these aligners use different forces than traditional braces, patients often report far less discomfort and soreness with teeth movement than when compared to traditional braces.

    The dentists at Gentle Dentistry offer consultations for Bergen County patients who are interested in straightening their smiles. They will examine the patient’s teeth, discuss their specific concerns, and determine if they are good candidates for the treatment in a caring, comfortable office environment.

    About Gentle Dentistry

    Gentle Dentistry is known as a premier source of dental care for patients in the Bergen County, NJ region. Dr. Andrew Spector, Dr. Michael Migdal, and their team of dental specialists provide patients with the latest technology and treatments the industry has to offer.

    For more information about Invisalign and the clear braces offered by Gentle Dentistry in Haworth, NJ, please visit www.GentleDentistry.com.

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