Destruction of Once-Fired Brass May Drive Up Prices


A recent report on the destruction of expended ammunition brass indicates that the practice is still occurring in at least one military installation, prompting outcries from gun reloader enthusiasts. Bobcat Brass offers once-fired brass for all calibers and is always willing to negotiate buys of large amounts of used brass.

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Aug 26, 2013 /prREACH/ -- August 23, 2013—Fort Drum, New York—A recent report issued by the Department of Defense seems to indicate that rather than offering once fired brass for sale, per the understanding of the New York legislature, Fort Drum is being ordered to crush and recycle its used brass.  This report has raised concerns among those who purchase brass for reloading purposes about the practice not only being illegal, but also about the effect it will have on the price of used brass in the future.  Bobcat Brass, a company that offers Lake City brass, 5.56 brass, Trijicon scopes and 223 brass for sale, often purchases used military brass for resale to those who want to use it for reloading purposes.

Protests by reloading advocates a few years ago led senators to amend the law to provide for military brass to be sold with the intent of using bullets for reloading.  However, a recent reading of the Fort Drum Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan indicates that “Revision 1” describes a policy of avoiding the sale of reloading 45 ACP, bulk once-fired brass, once-fired 9mm brass and other types of bulk brass by rendering it unsuitable for anything except scrap.

Apparently, once-fired 45 ACP brass, bulk 223 brass or any other brass available at Fort Drum is passed through a brass deformer machine and purchased by a scrap metal vendor.  This generates funds for the Qualified Recycling Program Manager account, in violation of the agreement given to two New York senators after they voiced their concerns about the practice in 2010.  The fear is that destruction of all military brass suitable for reloading will drive the prices of reloading brass out of the reach of most hobbyists.

Bobcat Brass offers reloading materials at the lowest possible prices in order to make quality brass available to everyone.  Those with large supplies of reloading brass may be interested in selling their surplus to Bobcat Brass, a company that pays top dollar for used brass of all calibers.  Further, Bobcat Brass works diligently to provide sources of used reloading brass to all enthusiasts interested in reloading as a hobby or as a way to create hard-to-find ammunition for specialty weapons.

Source:  Examiner, “Fort Drum brass reduction threatens reloading supply and more,” David Codrea, January 25, 2013.

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