Diamond Jewelry Cleaner Brand Releases 3-Pack of Popular Powder Formula

  • Date: Dec 03, 2019
  • Category: Fashion

BrightDiamonds has recently introduced a 3-pack of its diamond jewelry cleaner. The cleaner is a new and advanced formula on the market that the brand says has proven safe and effective to date. Continue reading


Dec 03, 2019 /prREACH/ --

BrightDiamonds is pleased to announce the release of its diamond jewelry cleaner product as a 3-pack. The brand, whose powder formula has garnered positive reviews from jewelry enthusiasts nationwide, is now offering its innovative and never-before-seen gem polisher on Amazon to much acclaim.

BrightDiamonds says its jewelry cleaner is a new and advanced take on traditional cleaners, boasting an entirely innovative formula on the market.

According to company spokesperson, Alyssa Stern, "We stand by our core mission in providing products that are of the highest quality and produce the best results. Our jewelry cleaner is a hands-free, new cleansing powder that easily transforms into a powerful solution, providing you with the shiny results you want in about ten minutes. Now available in a 3-pack, we've thoroughly tested this formula, and we are confident that those looking for a brilliant jewelry cleaner will not be disappointed."

The company says its formula was created as an alternative to using traditional jewelry cleaning cloths or brushes, which tend to scratch and damage the surface of jewels. Ammonia-free, its solution has the ability to clean hard-to-reach crevices and fissures, says Stern.

"Many do not realize that they are cleaning their precious jewelry and diamonds completely incorrectly, and may, in fact, be damaging them," she adds. "BrightDiamonds has carefully produced a safe and gentle — yet very effective — powder that, when in liquid form, penetrates quickly and rids your jewelry of grime and dirt quite easily."

Stern says that the BrightDiamonds cleaner has not only proven to be an effective jewelry cleaner for diamonds,  but the solution also works on gold, platinum and gem bracelets, chains, rings, earrings and necklaces. The brand has taken user-friendliness into account, as well, according to several positive reviews left by satisfied buyers on Amazon.

"This stuff really works! Simple process and results are just like getting a professional clean without having to leave the house. Add to that the peace of mind of not having to worry I won't get back my valuables as they were," one review states.

For more information on BrightDiamonds' new 3-pack jewelry cleaner, interested parties can visit the brand's Amazon storefront.



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