Dog Bark Collar Stops Barking Shock-Free, Now Launched

  • Date: Jun 04, 2019
  • Category: Pets

Lovin Doggies releases a humane, gentle, anti-bark dog bark collar that utilizes vibration and sound instead of shocks to stop excessive barking efficiently.

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SUNNYVALE, CA, Jun 04, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Barking is a common nuisance for many dog owners, and training a dog to stop barking can be a very difficult challenge. According to reports, most anti bark devices today use shock collars combined with remote controls, expensive and cumbersome products that are inhumane in their use of shocks to train the dog. Dog owners unwilling to subject their dog to shocks and concerned about the safety of their dog when using this type of anti barking device now have a gentle option. Lovin Doggies, a new brand with a passion for pets, has developed a humane, safe device to stop dog barking without the shocks.

Lovin Doggies, a US-based company, has recently launched its new adjustable collar that is designed for medium and large dog breeds. The collar’s nylon strap with contrast stitching adjusts easily to neck size, fur, and hair depth. Using vibration and sound instead of shock, Lovin Doggies’ safe, effective device provides a quick solution to noisy dog barking that can become a nuisance to one’s household and neighbors.

According to Mike Weimar, co-founder of Lovin Doggies, “Our new no-shock dog bark collar uses a combination of sound and vibration to very effectively train your dog to stop barking. Our customers love it, and most find that their dog quickly figures out that the vibration and sounds will stop when they stop barking. In fact, my Corgie figured it out after only 2 barks. So give our bark collar a try and experience the humane way to stop the barking.”

Collars that use shocks are often hard to control and harmful for pets. Lovin Doggies is addressing the need to train dogs to stop barking while doing so in the most humane way possible. The collar has an adjustable sensitivity setting to help ensure that the collar doesn’t trigger due to surrounding sounds or noises. The Lovin Doggies bark collar features a microprocessor that maximizes reaction time, reliability and sensitivity so that dogs stop barking in minutes after being fitted into the collar.

Since every dog and dog owner has their own unique personality, Lovin Doggies includes two different faceplate colors along with an adjustable collar. The collars are made for dogs with necks between 9 and 22 inches, fitting even large dogs. In addition, the Lovin Doggies dog bark collar has been designed to help create a pleasant bonding experience during training, and can provide ways to help one’s dog while reducing excess noise in a household.

Readers interested in gentle dog barking control devices can visit Lovin Doggies’ on Amazon for more information.


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