Dog Ear Cleaner Launched For Summer Care by Health Focused Brand

  • Date: Aug 01, 2019
  • Category: Pets

Because of the high risk of dog ear infection in the summer, K9 Pro has released an American made, sustainable dog ear cleaner solution.

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Gilbert, Arizona, Aug 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- K9 Pro, the health-minded brand behind premium dog products, has just released a new dog ear cleaner. Taking care of dogs like a professional requires an understanding of different health schedules, and K9 Pro's new product draws attention to the increasing need of dog ear health during the summer.

More information on K9 Pro's growing line of healthy products for dogs can be found at

K9 Pro is a brand that focuses on healthy products for dogs. The company sources its materials sustainably, and aims to bring the best sensibilities of sustainability and health food trends to dog care. The company states that its mission is to provide the highest quality dog supplements to help dogs live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Michael York, senior spokesperson for the company, says, "We at K9 Pro want to bring the health of dogs to the forefront, especially as we are in the middle of the summer season. In the summertime, after your dogs swim, you should clean their ears with a quality dog ear cleaner to keep them healthy and free of infections, diseases, and ear mites. These are very common problems that occur in the summertime, and we are pleased to offer our new product to help keep your pup healthy and happy!"

While some may be familiar with how sensitive human ears are, especially those who have infants and toddlers, canine ears may be around 40 times more sensitive, studies show. Failing to clean the ears of dogs can result in serious pain and injury for pets, says veterinary experts. Using an ear cleaner for dogs helps to mitigate this risk, especially in the hot, humid summer months.

K9 Pro suggests that dog owners should clean dog ears once a week in normal conditions and two times a week in hot climates, as well as cleaning after each swim. While tedious to some, timely care prevents the stress and worry derived from pain and sickness due to ear infection and injury.

Made in the United States and marked with a seal of veterinary approval, K9 Pro's cleaner comes in an easy to use squirt bottle. The dog ear cleaner solution can be quickly applied without mess, the company says.

K9 Pro's catalogue of dog products features a diverse array of different health-oriented products. The company prides itself on its money back guarantee, which customers can claim up to a year after purchase.

Those interested in K9 Pro's call to "Take care of dogs like a pro this summer" should visit its official website or Amazon product listings.


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