Dr. Ayyaz Shah Receives Two Diamond Crystal Awards by Aesthetic Everything® for Top Aesthetic Doctor and Top Dermatologist

  • Date: Oct 06, 2017
  • Category: Health

Dr. Ayyaz Shah is proud to announce to be a recipient of not just one but two
Diamond Crystal Awards by Aesthetic Everything® for being one of the top Aesthetic Doctors in 2017 as well as a Top Dermatologist. Continue reading

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Oct 06, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Leading promoter to the Aesthetics industry, Aesthetic Everything® recently announced its 2017 Diamond Crystal Awards Winners. Among the categories included are companies, CEOs, Presidents, Executives, Doctors, med spas, aestheticians, nurses, staff, services training, publications, meetings, charity, videos and more.

Dr. Ayyaz Shah is proud to announce that he has been chosen as a recipient of the Diamond Crystal Award by Aesthetic Everything® in two different categories, one for Top Aesthetic Doctor and another for Top Dermatologist East.

The voting process is very complex, with over 10,000 votes submitted. It is an accomplishment to make the list, and even more so to win an award in several categories. One of Dr. Shah’s most sought after services include removing of dark spots or hyperpigmentation in intimate areas. Due to the limited availability of safe and efficacious products to treat this, many patients come to Dr. Shah for this matter.

Dr. Shah states that he uses safe and effective products to manage this very difficult to treat skin condition of dark skin on intimate areas.

Hyperpigmentation is a term used for excessive darkening of skin color. Patients have been consulting Dermatologists and skin care specialists for hyperpigmentation of the face, body and intimate areas for many years. There are various conditions which may be a cause or source of the hyperpigmentation, examples of such conditions may include but are not limited to are acne, melasma, inflammation, drugs/medications, bug bites, folliculitis/razor bumps and more.

Most treatments currently available and manufactured by many pharmaceutical and skin care companies develop products specifically for facial hyperpigmentation. Many patients over the last few years have visited the offices of Dr. Shah with the specific request for skin whitening of intimate areas. Intimate areas are defined as pubic areas, nipple/areola complex, peri-anal area and axillary(underarm) area.

The skin on the face and the skin on the body are different. The intimate area skin is very specialized skin, and treatments one would typically be able to use on facial skin will most likely be too harsh and too strong for the gentle intimate area. Many of these patients have visited many skin doctors and have been told that there is no treatment option available to treat the intimate area.

Due to the large number of these patients requesting specific treatment option for skin whitening of the intimate area, Dr. Shah and his team reached out to many of the skin care companies on the market. After a lot of research and discussion with skin care companies, Dr. Shah was able to find a few companies who have specific skin care products specifically formulated and developed for the Intimate area. In addition, they have had these products for a number of years.

At this time, Dr. Shah now offers two top of the line companies with specific skin care products which are considered to be safe and efficacious for targeting and possibly treating hyperpigmentation in an area which was previously considered not treatable. Patients have reported being pleased with their results.

Anyone who may be interested in learning more about intimate skin whitening or other services can contact Dr. Ayyaz Shah and his Dermatology practice at www.shahdermatology.com or call at 407-730- 3187 for further information.

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We have safe and effective products to manage this very difficult to treat skin condition of dark skin of intimate areas.
- Dr. Ayyaz Shah
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