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  • Date: Dec 12, 2018
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Dr. Brad Gulla, D.C., Founder of The Concussion Place is truly so much more than most typical Chiropractors. Dr. Gulla D.C. and his staff provide comprehensive testing and treatment way beyond what typical Chiropractors provide. Baseline Testing for Athletes, Neurological testing and testing for brain, nerve and muscle function are just part of what The Concussion Place offers their patients.

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Dec 12, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Dr. Brad Gulla, D.C. is not only a Chiropractor, but he is also a Chiropractic Neurologist. Dr. Gulla works with all kinds of patients, helping to provide comprehensive testing, treatment and therapy for those with recent injuries and those who may have had an accident or injury years or even decades ago. Dr. Gulla D.C. and his staff provide testing for brain function as well as nerve and muscle function.

There are many people who have suffered from a concussion, a fall, an accident or some other injury or traumatic brain injury, recently or possibly many years ago who may still be somewhat dysfunctional who could be helped by Dr. Brad Gulla, D.C. and his staff at The concussion Place.

As the Founder of The Concussion Place, Dr. Gulla focuses on providing the best possible treatment for victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries, (TBI), and specializes in the treatment of concussions and concussion related injuries. Whether a person has had a sports related injury, a car accident, a fall or some other incident, the Concussion Protocols at The Concussion Place can help identify the dysfunction and provide treatment and healing towards a full recovery.

At The Concussion Place there are two segments to the Concussion Treatment, an Assessment Process and Concussion Management. The Concussion Assessment process starts with a comprehensive neurologic examination from Dr. Gulla and his staff of concussion experts. The examination is designed to identify functional lesions or problems doing certain activities such as maintaining balance, having proper coordination, memory function, being able to read and write, having good verbal communication and mental concentration.

The comprehensive neurological examination consists of getting a thorough medical history, standard neurologic examination, SCAT2 examination and balance screening. The Concussion Place also uses a state of the art computerized Posturography examination to assess one of the most common complications of concussions, problems with balance and equilibrium. There is also a postural screening since concussions can often cause unusual changes in parts of the brain that control posture and spinal curvatures. If this is the case or has happened as a result of an injury of a patient, it will be discovered, and a plan put in place to resolve the issue. There will also be a post-traumatic vision syndrome screening done. Many patients with concussion or concussion related injuries can also develop visual disturbances that are related to the brain rather than the eyes. The last part of the assessment process is baseline testing. This is a test done to determine how a patient’s brain functions. Many tests only measure the cognitive function of the brain but The Concussion Place measures how well a patient’s brain functions in all areas including cognitive, balance and equilibrium, vision, motor skills and internal body communication.

The concussion management consists of multiple therapies and exercises. First is brain nutrition which is one of the most important aspects of concussion management. Patients will be set up on a plan to insure that the brain has all of the vital nutrients needed for the healing process to run efficiently. Next is brain therapy for the patient. The initial examination will discover and identify specific brain injuries. The staff at The concussion Place will use this data to set up a rehabilitation plan for the patient’s brain. Essentially the patient will be asked to perform in very specific ways during their office visit. Following the brain therapy will be brain exercises. The brain therapy will quickly develop into specific brain exercises for the patient to do as homework. These exercises will help to rehabilitate the areas of the patient’s brain that struggle to function properly due to the injuries they suffered.

There are also decisions to be made regarding the patient’s return to school or work. Prematurely returning to some activities can have a devastating affect on a patient who has suffered from a concussion or concussion related injuries. The staff at The Concussion place will help to educate the patient on a proper return to activities protocol. They will also help to coordinate this with the patient’s school or workplace.

The Concussion Place has been delivering quality care to the Colorado Springs community since 1996. Dr. Gulla is Board Certified in Chiropractic Neurology, the only doctor in the Colorado Springs area with this designation. The Concussion Place provides chiropractic care, physical therapy, functional clinical neurology, concussion management, psychotherapy services, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and concussion baseline testing for contact sports as well as numerous additional testing procedures, therapies and rehabilitation exercises and treatments.

The Concussion Place is conveniently located at 3425 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Suite 105 Colorado Springs, CO 80918. For additional information or to schedule an appointment please visit the website at www.theconcussionplace.com/ or call directly at 719-380-8055.

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