Electric Breast Pumps Brand Delivers Awareness On Benefits, Quality


Breastfeeding for as long as possible has been brought to the attention of mothers all over the world. BabyWombWorld is emphasizing the importance of using good electric breast pumps.

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Miami, FL, Jul 02, 2019 /prREACH/ -- BabyWombWorld, the company behind award-winning double electric breast pumps, is announcing its initiative to educate mothers on the importance of using clinically proven breast pumps for as long as possible while breastfeeding.

Known for its closed system, double electric breast pump, BabyWombWorld is placing breastfeeding education at its forefront, working with lactation specialists and consultants to ensure mothers are given the correct information and knowledge on using appropriate electric breast pumps.

The company says that, in recent times, there has been an increasing willingness amongst the mothers to breastfeed their babies and continue this for as long as they can. Research confirms this, with studies showing that breastfed babies are less susceptible to infections and hospitalizations compared to formula-fed infants.

Experts suggest that use of electric breast pumps can significantly prolong the duration for which a mother can breastfeed her newborn baby. However, it has been noted that most of the breast pumps covered under different health care plans are nowhere close to the best products available in the market.

Naturally, this has a negative influence on the willingness of the mothers to breastfeed for a longer duration. These new mothers also face a serious issue after going back to work because the design pattern of most of the breast pumps are not appropriate for a workplace. According to distinguished health reporter Sammy Caiola, a formal request was made recently to the governor of California to assist in the funding of better breast pumps so mothers can breastfeed for longer durations.

According to Heinrich Nell, the owner of BabyWombWorld, "It becomes a balancing act to provide to moms a double electric breast pump that works effectively, but are small and silent enough to carry around. In some cases, the best pumps are not supported by health care plans, but the investment in such a pump will pay for itself in the long run."

BabyWombWorld is a family-owned organization dedicated to delivering products that make lives easier for the new parents. The company says its double electric breast pump can be assembled easily, functions quietly, and can fit comfortably in a handbag. The product also offers advanced features such as 3D Closed Loop Expressing technology, Advanced Touch Panel technology, and automatic smart control.

More details about BabyWombWorld's double breast pump electric are available in the company's official website and Amazon storefront.



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