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    Enlightened Marketing LLC Enters Comcast Innovations for Entrepreneurs Contest

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    Enlightened Marketing, LLC Co-Founders, Jeremy Howie and Tom Merkey, announce their entrance into Comcast’s Innovations for Entrepreneurs Contest. They plan to use the $30,000 Grand Prize and use it to assist Comcast in becoming the #1 Customer Service company in the world.

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    Less than two years ago, Tom Merkey and Jeremy Howie began Enlightened Marketing, LLC. With the client in mind, they began driving their business towards other business owners, entrepreneurs and dozens of other companies, all looking to increase their website traffic through online marketing, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), paid advertising and more.

    In addition to the different types of online and offline marketing and advertising techniques, Tom and Jeremy offer business growth consultation and reputation management. They have worked with small business start-ups and large businesses alike to find the best possibility for success.

    Success comes in all shapes and sizes, making it vital for businesses like Enlightened Marketing LLC to truly understand and engage with their clients, to provide the very best service.

    To qualify for Comcast's Innovations for Entrepreneurs contest, the company must be an independent, non-franchised business owner, at least 18 years of age, legal resident of the United States, and the business needs to be located in one of the 50 states.

    Comcast's Innovations for Entrepreneurs Contest was created to see which competing companies could use $30,000 in technology investment to take their businesses to the next level.

    So how will Tom and Jeremy use the $30,000 when Enlightened Marketing LLC wins Comcast's Innovations for Entrepreneurs contest?  Instead of using it directly on Enlightened Marketing LLC, they will direct the $30,000 back towards Comcast.

    Tom and Jeremy plan to partner with Comcast and use Enlightened Marketing, LLC's proprietary social media marketing and retargeting technology to assist Comcast in becoming the number one customer service company in the world.

    Comcast regularly appears in bottom 10 lists such as on Business Insider and Tom and Jeremy have reached out to over 15,000 Comcast employees to gain their support and help Comcast improve. Their hope is to take Comcast from the top of the Worst Customer Service List to the top of the Best Customer Service List.

    Some very valuable input from Comcast employees has been received via the social media marketing.  Most responding employees are not happy with Comcast and do not believe the company is dedicated to improving customer service.  Many responding employees were positive and believe that social media remarketing technology can assist the company in improving customer service.

    To see more about Enlightened Marketing, LLC's plight to win the contest CLICK HERE.

    About Enlightened Marketing LLC: 

    Enlightened Marketing, LLC's Mission Statement:  "To Transform Lives and Better Our Planet Through Innovative, Customized, Collaborative World Class Marketing."


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    "We plan to assist Comcast in becoming the #1 Customer Service company in the world by winning the contest and using our social media marketing technology for Comcast's benefit."
    - Enlightened Marketing, LLC Co-Founders Jeremy Howie and Tom Merkey
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