Global Real Estate Authority and Author Launches New Book and Training


Global real estate authority and bestselling author, Kati Israel, has recently launched a new book and website that offers marketing training to realtors worldwide. Continue reading


Jun 27, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Award-winning European real estate authority and bestselling author, Kati Israel, is pleased to announce the launch of her realtor consulting and training online. A veteran in real estate marketing, Israel is expanding her strategies worldwide to turn real estate agents into leading niche experts.

Only one year into the real estate business, Israel was named one of the Top 3 Producers in RE/MAX Estonia and continued to achieve this title repeatedly over the following several years. A highly sought-after international speaker, she has shared many of her marketing strategies at multiple RE/MAX international conventions, speaking to tens of thousands of people. After beginning her own franchise in Estonia, her RE/MAX office was amongst the top three in all of Europe for recruiting, out of more than 1500 offices.

Shifting her focus from agent to an authority figure in real estate marketing training, Israel’s accolades keep growing: In 2018, she was hand-picked for the Property Panel in Mega Success with JT Foxx, Hugh Hilton, George Ross, and Vanilla Ice. In 2018, she formed a partnership with GryphTech, a global leader in real estate solutions. On top of it all, she is also a TV host for ‘The BossTalk’.

Since 2016, Israel has successfully trained real estate agents worldwide, helping them exponentially grow their leads and listings. With the increasingly competitive real estate market in mind, she has authored a new eBook, “Hire Better Listings” that will teach agents how to stay ahead of this constantly evolving and advancing market and turn leads into listings.

According to Israel, “Gone are the days when real estate agents relied on traditional forms of marketing and networking with the local businesses in town. With the advancement of technology, marketing strategies are always changing and knowing what it takes to get ahead of the competition is an ongoing process. Our world of opportunity to acquire leads and get listings is no longer bound by miles on a map—instead, we can reach people from around the globe. ‘Knowing’ what to do will not change your life.”

Israel’s trainings offer the opportunity for real estate agents to learn little known, innovative marketing strategies that will help to leverage themselves as a top agent and accelerate their networking skills, get more listings, and create more profitable businesses.

To learn more about Kati Israel and her training, visit her official website.


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Kati Israel is a global real estate authority, an international speaker, and a business coach. She is the founder and CEO of K. Israel Consulting and a media host of "The Boss Talk" television show. She is also a two-time best-selling author on Amazon.
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