Ezra Firestone Joins Expert Business Advice Site in Amazon Sales Video


Ezra Firestone joins Amazing to talk about the aspects of brand awareness outside of Amazon to drive sales in Amazing’s newest YouTube video.


Austin, TX , Jul 30, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazing, a company that specializes in e-commerce and education by teaching people how to sell on Amazon, has released a new video. This release features Ezra Firestone, well known expert marketer and teacher in the eCommerce space. The video titled The #1 Strategy For Long-Term Brand Success On Amazon is the newest installment of Amazing's business educational series on YouTube.

Amazing brings together a variety of experienced Amazon selling experts to create business plans and videos for Amazon sellers at all stages of growth. Its videos feature conversations from and between experts. Based on the ever-changing dynamics of online sales, Amazing is constantly featuring diverse and talented voices.

Jason Katzenback, spokesperson for Amazing, states, "Ezra has been doing this for a long time. His expertise in marketing and brand management reaches in many directions, and we are beyond excited to have him release this new video. I think our viewers will learn a lot from him -- I certainly have."

In the video, Ezra Firestone gives his take on what creates a sustainable Amazon business. For him, the key is establishing brand assets that are found outside of Amazon itself-- the material that surrounds a brand. Building assets includes solidifying a message on social media, which plays a big role in driving sales, says Firestone.

Engagement is key for Firestone. Getting fans and followers excited about new product launches allows for sustainable growth, especially online, he says in the video.

When branding, Firestone notes the importance of using analytics to build narratives around the "shared experiences that customer bases have." An understanding of who is engaging most can help build awareness and boost sales, sending more people to Amazon storefronts.

He equates Amazon business by itself with spearfishing, while brand assets and customer engagement are like watering a mango tree. The former may yield quick results, but the latter allows for long term sustainability. Patience is key, stresses Firestone.

Those interested in learning more about building brand assets and strategies for creating customer engagement can visit Amazing's official website, Ezra Firestone's website, or Amazing's YouTube Channel.


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