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GETIDA is pleased to announce its merger with Inventory Detective, paving the way for delivering comprehensive eCommerce experience, expertise in support, and furthering growth in data analytics and transparency. Continue reading

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Teaneck, NJ, Sep 12, 2019 /prREACH/ -- GETIDA, a renowned provider of intelligent data analytics for Amazon sellers, has just completed its merger with the Israel-based FBA inventory reconciliation provider, Inventory Detective. The merger between the two companies has taken place with the goal to create a powerhouse of reimbursement recovery and data analytics services to Amazon third-party merchants. The acquisition of Inventory Detective is expected to bring market knowledge and innovation to GETIDA, a New Jersey-based company.

More information about GETIDA’s growing services can be found at https://getida.com/amazon-account-audit/.

Dedicated to improving the overall operations of FBA sellers, GETIDA offers robust auditing software services capable of keeping track of all inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and FBA inventory reimbursements. In addition to identifying potential claims, GETIDA also assists in filling and following up on claims, with over a billion dollars of transactions managed annually. On the other hand, Inventory Detective helps Amazon sellers discover the items that need to be reimbursed, and takes care of the entire process, from downloading and reconciling reports to opening cases in compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

“An Amazon audit is a necessity for every seller to perform. GETIDA helps sellers achieve the highest quality of audit in the industry. The acquisition of Inventory Detective allows GETIDA to gain a larger footprint in our international expansion. By combining resources, we are able to ensure Amazon’s Term of Service compliance and the quality of services performed,” says Max Borin, CEO and founder of GETIDA.

The merger of GETIDA with Inventory Detective creates the perfect platform for the company’s expansion into new international markets as well as the procurement of new offerings and services. As a result of the first ever merger in this field, both reimbursement recovery companies will synergize to expand through the Amazon marketplace of over one million merchants globally. With the acquisition of Inventory Detective’s client base, GETIDA will further expand its offerings within the Amazon merchant marketplace.

“Joining GETIDA gives us the ability to take Inventory Detectives’ many services and provide them to a greater number of sellers worldwide. By combining our strengths, we can surely provide even more value for Amazon sellers,” says Aryeh Kirshblum, CEO of Inventory Detective.

To find out more about GETIDA, visit its official website.


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