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    Finally: Affordable and Professional Social Media Content for SMB’s

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    Promoting businesses through social media is an affordable way to promote a company to potential new customers everyday. Daily social media daily content posting is the perfect solution for those with limited time who are looking to successfully promote and grow their business.

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    It's now finally possible for consultants, small to mid sized business owners, keynote speakers and coaches to have their social media posts written by professional UK / US based writers at an affordable rate. This enables them to engage and inform their current customers as well as help with generating new clients. As a result, they stand out from competitors in their own particular business niche. This new service, offered by 30 Second Video Marketing provides custom daily posts to all three of the major social channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    The service has US, UK and Australian based social media experts who know everything there is to know about creating quality, social content for businesses. This social media exposure increases online following, creates brand recognition and generates more traffic for all business owners.

    For more details, see the video on this page: http://30secondvideomarketing.com/social-media/

    Neil Walker, founder of 30 Second Video Marketing is quoted as saying, “This is an outstanding way for consultants and other businesses to outperform their competitors. For these smaller business owners, it's often difficult to find the time to keep up with posting to their own social media channels. That's where our new service comes in: we can post targeted and relevant material to all their channels in a reliable and consistent way.”

    Of course, 30 Second Video Marketing also offers businesses the ability to spotlight their expertise through the use of short 30 to 90 second promotional videos. Video is an extremely effective way to position a company in front of potential new clients to increase revenue. Creating engaging videos is easier than most people imagine and it's a very cost-effective way to promote both well established and new businesses.

    Find out more and see their introductory video by visiting their website at: http://30secondvideomarketing.com/

    Business providers get very real value from an effective social media presence, which is worth a great deal to their bottom line. This new service allows them to focus on running their core business. Effective and engaging social media channels are typically something their competitors do not have, and as a result, they have an edge over their competition.

    Historically, successful firms have used the power of social media by hiring expensive public relation companies which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. Until now, this was out of reach for most small to mid-sized business owners. 30 Second Video Marketing gives the power to position these business owners as the social authority in their field and give them an huge advantage in their market which immediately distinguishes them from the competition.

    Social Media Marketing has evolved from being ‘a great business option’ to becoming a ‘business essential’. Now is the time for SMB's to draw ahead of their competitors with an effective and professional social media strategy.

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