Folbot Raises Funds To Revolutionize Outdoor Sports With Unique Foldable Black Kayak

  • Date: Sep 03, 2014
  • Category: Sports

Folbot, a leading company in kayak manufacturing and design, is raising funds for a unique and revolutionary Black Edition folding kayak that can fit into a backpack. The money is being raised through a Kickstarter campaign to finance the materials for a production run of more than 50 boats to begin the newest design in their line of portable kayaks.

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Sep 03, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Kayak industry leader, Folbot, is utilizing a Kickstarter campaign to raise finances for a new project which will provide a Black Edition folding kayak that can fit into a backpack. The money is to be used in the purchase of materials, specifically the black hull material, that will be utilized in the production of more than 50 new boats. The design differs from previous foldable models due to the black hull and durable high quality materials being used in the design.

Folbot was founded in the year 1933 and has since become recognized as a leading competitor in the folding kayak industry. The designs used for each kayak give them the ability to fit into the trunk of a car, a storage compartment on an airplane or a backpack for personal travel.

Eric Thome of Folbot has said the following on the boats: "Very portable and light weight, Folbot is perfect for anyone that wants to have a kayak but not the space to store it."

This Black Edition is an extension of the original design for the Cooper Kayak which is meant for use on calm waters such as lakes or steady rivers, although according to the company, some consumers have used them in ocean settings with positive results.

Bennett Dixon, a user of the Cooper Kayak from Johns Island in South Carolina gave his testimonial for the kickstarter campaign, stating: "I took this kayak on a five day trip and it was awesome! Once you get the hang of setting it up it is no big deal. I was impressed by the portability and by the capacity for putting gear inside and on top."

The project Folbot is seeking funding for will have a length of 16'6", a width of 24" and weigh 29 lbs, which is considerably lighter than most kayaks. The device carries a maximum weight load of 275 lbs, and is accompanied by a bag for storage which measures 41" x 18" x 9". It comes with a stem tensioning tool for use during assembly, and is created using air-craft grade aluminum, which has been anodized to make the boat more sturdy and reliable in form and design.

Currently, the goal for this campaign is $25,000, and the Folbot team has announced that any and all contributions to the project in the form of donations of any sum are welcome. For contributors who donate $30 a Folbot t-shirt is offered as reward, $100 warrants a t-shirt and waterproof bag, and a limited number of people who donate $1,500 and over may receive a Cooper Black Edition Folbot.

For questions and concerns regarding Folbot or this press release please use the following contact information: Name: Eric Thome Website: Address: 4209 Pace Street, Charleston, SC 29405 Toll Free Phone: (800) 533-5099 Phone Number: (843) 744-3483

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Folbot is perfect for anyone that wants to have a kayak but not the space to store it.
- Eric Thome
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