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May 24, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Peter Anthony is bringing Forbes Riley to the Social Entrepreneurial Summit, May 21, 2016 from 9-6pm in the IPEC Building Ballroom.

You Will Change the World is an exclusive Master Mentorship culture, which supports and promotes social sharing, and as a result, revenue sharing. The You Will Change the World platform provides the opportunity to create or enroll for an online course, covering a vast number of studies, from an expert level instructor.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, Forbes Riley was always driven to succeed and she didn't have to wait long for her first taste of success. In what has become both a successful and incredibly diverse career, she continues to be a powerful presence on television screens across America, appearing on shows like 24, The Pretender, and The Practice. Additionally, she has hosted everything from Essentials on TLC to the X Games on ESPN.

Off-screen, Forbes has been just as successful. She used the knowledge she gained from hosting commercials, shows on HSN, QVC London, and infomercials to become the CEO of her own company. Now Forbes will share her secrets with you, Forbes is quickly becoming one of the leading people in the 'personal development & leadership" space. As an entrepreneur, she has launched several health and fitness related products. In recognition of her work in fitness and nutrition, Forbes was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2010. Forbes will share the "Best Mindset" needed to manifest a person's dreams.

Forbes Riley is one of many new instructors on Mr. Wynn’s You Will Change the World’s platform. Another recent addition to their online course catalog is Become a Big Time TV Host by Emmy Award Winning TV Host & Actor, John Burke. Well-known tattoo artist, Dirk Vermin from “Bad Ink,” also released his latest course, Hostile Talent Speaks Out. If a person of influence has a story to tell and a valuable lesson to share, You Will Change the World provides the means to help them share that message with others.

CEO & Founder of You Will Change the World, Peter Anthony Wynn, has created an innovative platform specifically designed to build and market online courses integrated with high energy live events. Peter Anthony Wynn’s new revolutionary online course platform delivers quality content from qualified and skilled instructors. Peter Anthony’s vision creates a means for instructors to brand themselves as an expert in their field and reach the market they are looking for, while giving them a means to generate residual income for life.

Their upcoming event, the Social Entrepreneur Summit offers attendees an opportunity expand their understanding of tools that will bring them to new levels of personal and financial achievement. Keynote Speakers will introduce time and resource saving concepts and services including the You Will Change the World platform.

Celebrities, Experts, Musicians, Authors, Artists, Realtors, Business Owners, Experienced Professionals, and anyone interested in growing their business or creating an online course are invited to attend the Social Entrepreneur Summit.

The event will consist of presentations about the You Will Change the World platform, as well as presentations on new cutting edge products and services. It will also feature Keynote Speakers, including; Peter Anthony Wynn commonly referred to as the Online Course Guru, Health and Fitness Innovator Forbes Riley, New York Times Best Selling Author Daven Michaels, The Coach’s Coach Glenn Dietzel, and the Sales Whisperer, Wes Schaeffer to name a few. These successful social influencers will be giving exclusive tips for increasing digital leads, with social media secrets, entertainment and of course, networking.

Peter Anthony Wynn feels, “people who are excited, passionate and determined should have the best tools available for their success.” His unique opportunity invites instructors to expand their brand by sharing their “Wisdom & Passion”.

Those wishing to learn more about how to create an online course or about other resources to grow their business can visit or attend this life changing event on May 21 from 9-6pm at the IPEC building 6590 Bermuda Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89119.


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people who are excited, passionate and determined should have the best tools available for their success
- Peter Anthony Wynn
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