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  • Date: Oct 04, 2014
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Dr. Steven Meress and his staff at Fox Valley Wellness and Hyperbaric Center in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin treat patients for a wide variety of health issues with Integrative Medicine, which blends the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Continue reading

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Oct 04, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The Fox Valley Wellness and Hyperbaric Center website at features the doctors, staff, and services at the Center in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Fox Valley Wellness Center was founded in 1999, by Dr. Steven Meress, MD, FACP and his late-wife Julie, a Registered Nurse.

The idea for Fox Valley Wellness Center began in 1989 while Dr. Meress and Julie were working together at a local hospital in the Emergency Room. They discussed how certain patients came into the ER expecting relief of their symptoms, when they actually needed to find a cause for their symptoms. Many times the two discussed other types of treatments they had encountered and experienced. Discussions stemmed from the travels throughout the world that both Dr. Meress and Julie had done. They watched other cultures provide health care for little to no cost and with much less technology. Dr. Meress spent time in Barbados, St. Vincent and Grenada, where he experienced Third World medicine.

The concept of finding the cause instead of treating the symptoms became evident. They came to realize that treating the symptoms or in other words, using the "Band-Aid approach", which traditional medicine embraces, would not fit into the philosophy of their clinic.

Relying heavily on his excellent diagnostic skills from his traditional training and utilizing his knowledge of alternative therapies, Dr. Meress said, "As a physician, who is really a medical detective, it takes time to hear the story and ask the pertinent questions of a patient's history. Most of the time, the story elicits a diagnosis before a physical examination is performed".

Word of mouth spread and 3 years later Fox Valley Wellness Center moved to a new, larger facility to offer more therapies and more options for patients.

In 2004 Fox Valley Wellness expanded to include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for their patients, thus growing into Fox Valley Wellness Center/Midwest Hyperbarics.

Dr. Meress notes, “Our staff takes immense pride in the quality of our care. Because of our successful outcomes, most of our new patients come to us as referrals from present and past patients.” He also adds, “We are pioneers in Integrative Medicine, which blends the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies. We treat the cause of the disease, not just the symptoms. Each patient is an individual with a specific illness and will respond to a treatment differently than others.”

Dr. Meress and his staff at Fox Valley Wellness have become a haven of hope and healing for those seeking care, many who were unable to find effective treatment elsewhere.

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