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    Free 10 Year Warranty on a New Modular Home Massachusetts

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    Sandcastle Homes offers clients a 10 year warranty on new custom modular home Massachusetts

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    Sandcastle Homes is a modular homes and modular home additions provider based in New England. The company’s experts have years of experience with providing families with affordable housing solutions and responding to the demand for more space.

    The prices for the modular home Massachusetts provided by Sandcastle Homes is 20-30% lower than the prices for traditional homes. This is because the modular homes are manufactured in factories on a large volume scale. This makes the houses perfect for areas where the prices for real estate are unreasonably high.

    An advantage of the Sandcastle Homes’ modular houses that many people find appealing is that they are more reliable against storms and other potentially harmful weather conditions than traditionally constructed houses.

    The fact that the modular home Massachusetts are built in factories and simply put together later cuts the time for construction to 1 or 2 months. This process also eliminates the risk of delays and damage to machines due to weather conditions such as heavy snows and rains.

    The lack of delays also minimizes the risk of additional costs and the need to increase the budget that the customer has originally set.

    The whole process from manufacturing to shipping and construction is straightforward. The modular home Massachusetts give customers the ability to easily upgrade later by adding other modules such as the popular sunroom additions. These are rooms that are almost completely made of glass and give the feeling of bringing the outside in. The glass used for the rooms is a special type so that the temperature is the same as in the other rooms regardless of the season. The installation of the modular add-ons can take as little as a single day.

    The modules also make it really easy to add a second story to any house as well as more bedrooms and basically any other type of room the client needs.

    What truly sets the Sandcastle Homes’ houses apart is the construction quality. In order to show that, the company is giving a 10 year warranty on each one of their houses unlike conventional homes which typically have a 1 year warranty.

    Contrary to popular belief, not all modular homes are the same. Customers can choose from many different basic designs and styles for their future home. After the basic style has been chosen, Sandcastle Homes experts start modifying, reshaping and designing the house according to the specific needs of the buyer. This allows for virtually any design to be created.

    The most important of all Sandcastle Homes’ core values is customer satisfaction. The company goes all the way when it comes to helping customers make an informed decision by guiding them through the whole process and giving professional advice.

    Sandcastle Homes often hold educational seminars for communities which aim to help people understand what the advantages of modular homes are. The seminars dates are available at the company’s website - http://sandcastlegroup.net/. People can also visit a showroom to have a professional designer help them develop the design they envision.

    CONTACT INFORMATION: Website: http://sandcastlegroup.net/ Mail: 600 Plain Street, Marshfield, MA 02050 Phone: (800) 696-1234 Toll Free

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