From Army To Entrepreneur with Derek Eurales, Jr.


Serving a country is one of the highest rewarding jobs in the world, veterans who have been honorably discharged need to be able to start working again in everyday jobs to continue supporting themselves and their families.

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Feb 07, 2018 /prREACH/ -- Derek Eurales, Jr. has dedicated most of his life to the U.S Army. After serving 25 years, Eurales is now a career placement authority with over 5000 successful placements. He is effectively improving the lives of many by placing highly qualified veterans with employers seeking to fill essential positions with exceptional talent

Eurales understands first-hand the benefit of having a vet working in and for a company. These men and women have honorable values, discipline, tenacity, and have the utmost respect for everyone around them making them ideal employees for any business. Not only is Eurales positively impacting the lives of vets but he is allowing business owners and companies to utilize the incredible attributes and hardworking skills of these dedicated men and women.

In addition to the great work Eurales is doing with veterans, he is also an author and an international speaker. He has been invited to speak at an international 2-day event, Money Wealth Business in February 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa to over 2500 people about all of his successes and his business SelectVet, Home Of Americas BEST Vets. This event will be attended by millionaires, property tycoons, international speakers and successful entrepreneurs from South Africa and 22 other countries. He will also be interviewing the worlds #1 Wealth Coach, JT Foxx.

Once word got out about Eurales’s upcoming appearance in South Africa, it wasn’t long before he received a special invitation to be a guest speaker at a worldwide entrepreneur’s club, Intelligent Millionaires Network in both Cape Town and Durban where he will teach and talk to other entrepreneurs about his journey and his successful life after the Army.

Eurales is a true inspiration for anyone who gets the chance to meet or hear him speak. He is a man with a tremendous heart and drive to change people’s lives and be incredibly successful. To find out more about the amazing Derek Eurales Jr. visit his website here.

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“As a veteran, I have created a career for myself by helping over 5,000 fellow service members in their careers for more than 25 years.”
- Derek Eurales Jr.
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