Frux Home and Yard’s Cheese Board Set Has Received the Amazon’s Choice Badge


Frux Home and Yard’s Cheese Board and Knife Set has recently been awarded with the Amazon’s Choice badge, signifying its top-rated achievement on the marketplace.

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LAS VEGAS, NV, Jun 25, 2019 /prREACH/ -- A top-rated cheese board and knife set has recently reached another milestone. Today, Frux Home and Yard, the company that manufactures the cheese board along with other valuable home and kitchen products, announced that the item has been awarded the Amazon’s Choice badge for ‘cheese board set’ after receiving a number of purchases and recommendations from verified buyers. In other words, Amazon recommends this product to buyers looking for a cheese board set.

The cheese board itself is made from eco-friendly bamboo -- from the board to the handles of the knife set included within the package. Since bamboo is known for being a non-porous material, anything placed over the cheese board won’t stain or leave lasting odours.

The cheese board set is ideal for a variety of little snacks and treats including cheese, fruits, charcuterie, sushi, bread, crackers, and other limitless options. A cheese platter can be served for parties, holidays, birthdays, or even simple get-togethers.

Inside the mini drawer underneath the cheese board are four knives that guests can use for slicing or picking up treats. These include the chisel knife, the cheese fork, the narrow plane, and the almond knife.

The product is rated 4.5 stars, 90% of which is 5 stars. Based on the reviews from verified buyers, customers say that the cheese board is “Perfect for entertaining!” and “Great for a gift or self!”

About Frux Home and Yard

Frux Home and Yard is an established seller of kitchen and lighting supplies on Amazon. The company’s mission is to produce quality products and to stand strongly behind them. Among their most popular products are the Flameless Tealights, White Lunaxia Lanterns, Silicone Oven Mitts, and the Cheese Board and Knife Set.

To find further information on this bamboo cheese board, buyers can check out Frux Home and Yard’s listing via Amazon.


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Frux Home and Yard is an established manufacturer of quality home and kitchen supplies on Amazon.
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