Garden Pruning Shears in the Hands of More Eco-Conscious Millennials


More eco-conscious millennials are picking up their garden pruning shears, increasing gardening trends in North America by making choices that positively impact the environment.


NIAGARA FALLS, NY, May 06, 2019 /prREACH/ -- The gardening landscape is changing, with more millennials in North America becoming “plant parents”, reveals a 2019 report from the Garden Media Group. Members of Generation Z (aged 24 and younger) are turning to gardening as a favorite activity, and they’re not only using their garden pruning shears, but also taking an eco-conscious approach to do it.

According to latest statistics by Garden Media, millennials have increased the number of gardeners in North America by 20 percent in recent years. This is largely due to the growing awareness of organic living, using native plants, creating more wildlife habitats, and recycling and composting initiatives in this particular age group.

A spokesperson from Green Heart Lifestyle, producer of titanium garden pruning shears, says, “We’re seeing a huge growth in younger gardeners now. Young adults want to live more sustainably, eat organically, and grow their own food. They also want to see our environments thrive, and are much more eco-conscious in the choices they make. This view on gardening has become much of a lifestyle change in this generation. In fact, millennials have helped increase the sales of indoor plants by 30 per cent, and we’re even seeing their impact on other gardening-related activity--growing herbs, using certain plants for air cleaning inside, and using plants as decor pieces has also seen a surge in recent years.”

Composting and recycling initiatives have also impacted Generation Z’s desire to incorporate gardening increasingly into their lives. According to Garden Media, approximately one-third of food in North America is wasted, with most of it ending up in landfills. This contributes to the world’s third largest source of methane gas, and as a result, more young people have turned to composting to help mitigate this global problem.

“Organic living, growing their food at home, and making their own compost are all habits that millennials today are introducing into their daily lives. They aren’t just picking up their pruning shears and gardening as a hobby-- it has very much become a way of life for them, which is something we can all learn. They are gardening and composting to help improve our environmental situation, and it does help us view things in a different way. Hopefully this will encourage further generations to continue these practices in the future,” says Green Heart's representative.

Gardening and environmental enthusiasts-to-be can learn more about gardening basics and practices at Green Heart’s official website.


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