New Gel Memory Foam Pillow’s Innovative Cooling Features Get Thumb’s Up

  • Date: Aug 09, 2019
  • Category: Health

Xtreme Comforts’ gel memory foam pillow is starting to make an impact on Amazon. This hypoallergenic and adjustable pillow with cooling gel has received excellent reviews from users to date.

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BRONXVILLE, NY, Aug 09, 2019 /prREACH/ -- The memory foam cooling pillow, a recently launched product from Xtreme Comforts, is developing growing interest on Amazon. In a just-posted Amazon review, a customer recommended these pillows as the best pillow she has ever used. The innovatively designed pillows are adjustable, hypoallergenic and provide a cooling sensation, according to Xtreme Comforts. The manufacturer also mentions that these pillows can be used by back, stomach, and side-sleepers.

More information about Xtreme Comforts' line of products can be found at its official website,

Numerous experts suggest that optimal sleep requires a temperature in the range of 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It has also been observed that many individuals fail to sleep well because of unfavorable temperatures and other conditions.

"We designed our gel memory foam pillow to address the temperature problem. The product's polyester fiber blend has been gel-infused to draw heat out of the pillows and increase the flow of air. This creates a cooler temperature that is more suitable for a comfortable night's sleep," said a company spokesperson.

The thickness or softness of the pillow is extremely important for some individuals. "For these people, we made it possible to adjust the thickness of the cooling pillow simply by adding or removing the fill," the spokesperson added.

The company has also solved the common problem of sagging pillows by using a custom blend that remains firm over time without clumping or losing its shape. Also, since the pillows go through a high-end production process, they come without any chemical smell whatsoever, according to the brand.

"I don't usually leave reviews but hear me out. This really is the best pillow out there. Starting with the fact that I was able to customize it to how thick or thin I wanted it is a true blessing, and then, just the way it contours to your head and neck when you go to sleep, it's like it was made for me," said an impressed user. "I was in a car accident a couple of years ago, and I get really bad neck pains but one week using this pillow and no more neck pain -- and it really stays cool. This summer has been brutal, and I hate sweating at night. This hasn't happened since I got this gel memory foam pillow. I'm telling you; this was the best decision I've made in a while."

Those who want more information about the cooling pillow should visit Xtreme Comforts' website or Amazon storefront.


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