Germaphobe Brass Door Handle Opener Prevents the Spread of Viruses & Germs


NoContactKey, a metal fabrication shop located in Dallas, has just introduced its new germaphobe brass door opener. Made from solid brass alloy, this antimicrobial keychain tool is designed to help prevent the risk of exposure to viruses and other microbes.

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Dallas, TX, May 14, 2020 /prREACH/ -- NoContactKey™ is pleased to announce the official launch of its new germaphobe brass door handle opener. This antimicrobial keychain tool helps users create a physical distance with their surrounding environment to prevent exposure to viruses and microbes. At a time when the entire world is struggling to arrest the spread of COVID 19, this product has the potential to be a life-changing germ utility tool.

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The NoContactKey™ is made of antimicrobial 260 brass and functions as a hygiene hand by keeping users' hands away from commonly touched surfaces, such as door handles, toilets, keypads, ATM keypads, elevator buttons and store checkout payment pads.

NoContactKey™ spokesperson, Don Douglas, explains, "Our innovative design features a door grapple and button pusher. Its ergonomic design keeps users from dropping the tool while they are holding other things. Its notched ridges help to keep the device from sliding too deeply in the pocket, and the small middle hole is perfect for attaching key rings."

The unique capabilities of this no touch door opener can be attributed to its solid brass alloy construction. Several researchers have reported that the new coronavirus can survive for a considerable length of time on stainless steel and glass surfaces. In contrast, its lifespan on brass surfaces is extremely short.

"We know from research that a virus survives for a considerable length of time on glass and stainless steel yet dies inside hours after landing on brass," said Douglas. "This is the key to flattening the curve!

Recommending NoContactKey™, a very impressed user reviewed their recent purchase, "Super handy since I am working as an essential worker, I wanted to treat myself, and this is so worth it. The NoContactKey is super high-quality. I never have to touch doors or buttons again. Thank you!"

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